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    Mahindra KUV100 NXT Crossover
    Overall rating: 4 4/5

    (97 reviews)

    • Power: 82PS@5500RPM
    • Mileage: 18.15 km/liter
    • Fuel: Petrol
     4.88 Lakh

    Ex-Showroom price in New Delhi

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    Selecting the Ideal 7-Seater in India Below Rs. 5 Lakh

    When buying your first set of wheels as a young adult, so many fancy ideas about luxury amenities, styling and performance come to mind. Once a family comes into the picture, however, you become more realistic and prioritize crucial features that enhance safety and space. Unlike the widespread perception that family cars are boring cars, you can find a nice, stylish 7-seater car in India that is also commodious and affordable at the same time.

    Unlike in the past, today’s large cars are also highly upgraded with fun, style and performance-enhancing features. This guide will help you find the ideal, 6-seaters, 7-seater and even 8-seater cars in India between Rs. 5 and 7 Lakh.

    Safety is the Top Priority for 6-Seater Cars and Above

    Fortunately, nowadays, all vehicles are designed with enhanced safety features to ensure the welfare of their occupants. These features include sophisticated braking mechanisms, side and front airbags, rear end cameras, automatic collision avoidance control protocols, emergency notifications, and warning systems to help the driver stay in his or her lane.

    With the rate at which automotive technology is advancing, keeping up with these developments can be hard. Therefore, look for 7-seater cars or 8-seater car models that have been recommended by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This organization conducts laborious crash tests and recommends vehicles according to their performance.

    As much as many people opt for station wagons and minivans, you don’t have to go for the same. Several other 6-seater cars offer a blend of friendly features and style. For instance, the Mahindra KUV100 NXT is a sleek 6-seater that also offers reasonable gas mileage. Look for a car that will improve your experience while also ensuring efficiency.

    Flexible 6-Seater, 7-Seater and 8-Seater Cars

    Make sure that the vehicle accommodates your child’s requirements from infancy to elementary schools and the future. For instance, an ideal 8-seater car should have ample space for the larger seat at the back. It should also have enough room for the family dog as the kids will want to carry him or her along for shopping or road trips.

    Presence of an Excellent Maintenance Plan or Warranty for Cars Below Rs. 5 Lakh

    When dealing with everyday bills, unexpected car repair bills can be an immense frustration. Therefore, ensure that you find a dealer or manufacturer such as Tata Motors that offers excellent warranty terms. These could include a 10-year period coverage and free factory-planned maintenance, among others. Such offers will help a great deal in keeping your car in good shape.

    Review Insurance Coverage for the 6-Seater Cars and Above

    You wouldn’t be shocked to find a family person still relying on the same insurance policy that they used long time back. Such coverages often have limitations and inadequate coverage. Driving your family around with such insurance is not wise. You should review this policy and get a more suitable one. You could even opt to look for an entirely different insurance company for 7-seater car in India.


    Buying a family car under Rs. 5 Lakh is not something that many people look forward to, for many reasons. It is, however, inevitable for any person that intends on having a family. If you find yourself in such a situation, ensure that you plan adequately and get your checklist ready for the exercise. The last thing you want is to drive around in a car while wishing you be in another.