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How can we put LPG kit to Chevrolet Beat?

By: Kangna on 6 july 2014

5 Answers:

Chevrolet Beat comes in LPG version also. In case its a earlier version or a petrol version new car then its worth considering about fitting of LPG. Some of the points like daily usage and overall monthly usage etc is to be considered. If it exceeds 1500 to 2000km onwards then its worth fitting a LPG kit.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-06

With rising fuel charges, many people believe the LPG to be a wise substitute when it comes to car fuel. The Chevrolet beat keeping in mind this demand among the users is also available in an LPG version. The LPG helps save a lot of money and drive without any stress of running out of fuel for a longer period of time. The gas is environment and pocket friendly. You can also get the LPG kit installed in the older models of the beat.

Shikhar   2015-06-04

Chevrolet Beat comes in LPG version as well along with other conventional options. In case you have an older version or petrol run Beat, then you can easily get an LPG kit fitted for the car. This helps you to save a lot on daily usage cost. The LPG version of the beat makes the car extremely fuel efficient and lets you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with a peaceful mind.

Dinesh   2015-06-06

Now the Chevrolet beat is also available in LPG version and the best part is that LPG kits can easily be fitted in to the older models of the beat of other kinds of variants like petrol and diesel, while the newer ones are available in LPG variants equipped with LPG kits. LPG does away the need for frequent refilling for fuel though servicing takes a longer time. LPG helps save lots of money in the long run.

Shubham   2015-06-08

The Chevrolet Beat is the perfect small and fuel efficient car for a small family. Both variants of the beat are extremely fuel efficient and lets one enjoy a smooth drive. The beat is now also available in an LPG variant. The older models of the beat can also be fitted with the LPG kit. The performance of the car does not get altered. Rather one gets to save money spent on fuel.

Mohit   2015-06-09

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