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Chevrolet Cruze Key Features

Integrated Centre Stack Chevrolet Cruze

Integrated Centre Stack

An advanced integrated centre panel with graphic infotainment display, radio and HVAC controls.

Side & Front Dual Airbags Chevrolet Cruze

Side & Front Dual Airbags

Front dual airbags and side airbags, the Cruze has the highest measure of airbag safety in case of high impact collision.

Electric Sunroof Chevrolet Cruze

Electric Sunroof

The spacious interior feels even more expansive thanks to the feeling of the open sky above you.

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  • Good performance and handling
  • Sporty and stylish-looking sedan
  • Quiet and comfortable cabin


  • Air conditioning is not up to the mark
  • Poor after-sale service by General Motors India
  • Somewhat weak engine in lower specs
360° View

Chevrolet Cruze 360° View

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Interior 360° Degree View

Wondering how the insides of the Chevrolet Cruze look like? Get a tour of this car with the 360° degree view of the interior. Enjoy a lifelike view of the interior design of this car. Check out how the manufacturer has utilized the space and how spacious the legroom as well as the headroom are. Get a feel of the quality of the material used and see how the dashboard looks like. Check AC vents, infotainment system and other utility equipment on offer. See if the car offers steering-mounted controls. In a nutshell, this 360° degree interior view walks you through the inside of Chevrolet Cruze. Click anywhere on the image and drag it to the left and right to rotate. Zoom to enlarge the view!

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Chevrolet Cruze Reviews (109)

The best sedan u can have... Ruined by service

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Rajendra patil on 02 December 2018
The exit of Chevrolet from Indian market has left me disappointed... Actually cruze has been the best diesel sedan I have ever owned.  Read More »

Value for Money, very difficult to convince people of India to buy a car other than Maruti or Hyundai.

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Sartaj Singh Saini on 26 January 2018
No difficulty faced till now. Its d best.  Read More »

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Chevrolet Cruze Overview

Chevrolet is a big player in the GM family. More or less its Chevrolet only that checks the supplies of bread and butter to the GM group. Since its inception in India, Chevrolet has seen a respectable growth in the local market. Their products are nifty and practical with adequately built attributes.
Chevrolet Cruze Overview
Chevrolet Cruze has been their benchmark product since its launch in India. Its bold and racy face has managed to seek quite a lot attention in the executive sedans market. Imposing split-grille and muscular bumper gives it a very intimidating stance. Unlike its European rivals, Cruze possess its own identity and character. Side profile is well-sought too with minimist rear quarter glass and blackened B-pillars. Shoulder line runs perfectly throughout the panels terminating swiftly into the large clear lens taillights. Rear end is handsome too with compact boot and sweeping rear windscreen. Bright and bulgy tail-lamps looks good when lit and looks upmarket with an added chrome strip on the lid. Interiors are new and exciting and for once shatters the beige monotony in the sedan market. Equipment are generous too. However, fit and finish is not up to the level of its competitors. Further, the quality and texture of materials used is quite harsh and it feels rather cheap. Powering Chevrolet Cruze is a sole 2L diesel unit with brilliant power output of 164HP at 3800rpm and a thumping max torque of 380Nm@2000rpm. The power is brutal with punchy delivery and throttle response system. Engine really does compliments the muscular and sporty looks of the Cruze. Handling is good too, in both city traffic and out on highways. However, even the likes of torsion beams and gas-charged shock absorbers (dampers actually) fails to provide a supple ride quality to the Cruze. Further, even though the powertrain is refined, down-market insulations results in high NVH levels. The competition in this segment is tougher than legalizing polygamy in India. Knights like Toyota Corolla and Skoda Octavia are all there to toughen the survival of newbies like Chevrolet Cruze. That said, the distinctive macho styling and powerful drivetrain carves the way out for an all-American muscle car in India.

Chevrolet Cruze Exterior

Chevrolet Cruze is a very good looking car upfront. Its face shouts masculine character and menacing traits. It’s almost like a wild and hungry hound. The Chevrolet’s traditional split grille edges smartly to give the car a very thumping and in-your-face stance. Large boxy headlamps with some nice looking eyebrows praises the strong intimidating face. Chevrolet Cruze is like Dale Earnhardt of cars and that is quite a praise in itself. It’s a face that you won’t generally want to see in your rear view mirror and if it does, you’ll find yourself pulling out of the fast lane automatically.
Chevrolet Cruze Exterior
Side profile of Cruze is equally stunning as well. Well-proportionate and toned-up body panels are further attested by some disciplined body creases and meticulous shoulder line. Beefed-up wheel arches along with classy alloy wheels makes the Cruze a bit of modern age muscle car. In fact a two door model would surely going to be one hell of a car ever made in such price bracket. All-around visibility is however a glitch with limited glass-bay. Rear end is more or less adequate with conventional design attributes and twin-pod jewel effect taillights. Boot lid would look mean with a big racy spoiler and will further add-up the aggressive character of the Cruze. Bold form, wide-body stance and burly proportions makes Chevrolet Cruze one of the meanest sedans in India by miles. Cruze is a true-blooded muscle car which is as American as pick-up trucks and Breaking Bad. Chevrolet offers Cruze in a total of seven vibrant palettes – Velvet Red, Atlantis blue, Diamond white, Summer white, Sand Drift grey, Caviar Black and Switchblade silver.

Chevrolet Cruze Interior

Inside too, the Chevrolet Cruze looks and feels quite sporty. Angular and modern dash layout makes the cabin quite young and interesting. Silver finished center console along with shiny control dials constructs the otherwise black and dingy interiors of Cruze in a very retro form. This makes the interiors a welcome change over the beige-obsessed Indian auto market.
Chevrolet Cruze Interior
Instrument cluster looks modern and easy-on-the-eyes, thanks to the big chrome finished racy dials and MID (Multi Information Display) with cool blue backlight. However, excess of chrome inserts conveys a very tacky feel and adding it is the cloth finished dashboard which is both cheap and ugly.Chevrolet Cruze Interior
Seats are quite firm and lacks the plushness that one expects at such a price. Further, the jolty ride and suspension settings makes it a somewhat spine hurting experience over ill-roads. Cabin space is not a plus point either. Limited leg and headroom makes Cruze a bit cramped for the rear passengers. Raised up boot and thick body pillars creates some annoying blind spots for an otherwise well-placed driver seat. Lots of seat and steering adjustment further ensures a perfect driving position for every head and torso. Equipment are generous like rich leather seats, Bluetooth music streaming (screen looks awfully cheap) with CD player, tilt and reach adjustable steering wheel, electrically adjustable seats, premium audio system etc. are up for grab. Overall, with a decent boot, Chevrolet Cruze offers a very unique and livable cabin attributes but if fails to make its mark in the quality and fit and finish departments.

Chevrolet Cruze Engine & Transmission

Powering Cruze is a Next-Gen 2L VCDi (Variable Geometry Turbo Common Rail Direct Injection) engine. It produces a lethal figure of 164HP at just 3800rpm and rolls out a max torque of 380Nm@2000rpm. Power is delivered in a relentless surge with almost zero turbo lag whatsoever. Impressive low-speed torque makes Cruze a rev-happy car for all situations. Impressive throttle system along with DOHC and almost square cylinders gives a very pedal happy experience. The mid-range packs a respectable punch making this a free-revving engine with great low-speed torque and top-end performance.
Chevrolet Cruze Engine & Transmission
Crank the engine and it surges ahead up top redline without any fuss. Further, six-speed gearbox with slightly large gear ratios makes Cruze quite useful in both urban jungles and in highway cruising. NVH insulations are nice but definitely not class leading in any term. Fuel economy is near about 13-14kmpl for both six-speed manual and six-speed auto transmission which is good considering the power production by this 2L turbocharged unit.

Chevrolet Cruze Braking and Safety

Chevrolet Cruze comes with a respectable list of active and passive safety devices like dual airbags, safety cage, all-wheel disc brakes (ventilated at front and solid at rear), Occupant Protection System and the ever-so-useful ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system). This keeps the Corvette inspired cockpit as safe as possible.
Chevrolet Cruze Braking and Safety

Chevrolet Cruze Performance and Handling

Handling is pretty impressive with composed and agile steering system and taut suspension setup. It really turns well at high speeds with minimum of body roll, thanks to its low center of gravity and wide-bodied stance. Ride quality is however a letdown, especially due to cramped cabin and lousily padded rear bench. Overall, the driving experience is quite divine with tons of power on tap but all this is at the cost of a comfortable ride. Cruze therefore is a driver’s delight and really knocks the concerned senses when pushed hard to its limits.
However, the automatic transmission is quite sluggish and just didn’t bring out the abilities of the brilliant 2L mill and well-balanced chassis. On the contrary, six-speed manual transmission is a joy with nice precise throws and well thought-out gear ratios.

What do we think about Chevrolet Cruze?

Chevrolet Cruze is a very powerful and dynamically sound machine with a reasonable price tag and exciting cabin that too with a hassle free three-year warranty form Chevrolet.
Chevrolet has always produced some well-priced and efficient products in India but their lack of styling sense and nominal build quality have received some serious banter from Japanese and European rivals. Cruze however is a very distinct and genuine product with a powerful engine and capable chassis that too at a great price. Chevrolet Cruze’s major power lies in its masculine character among the other myriads of more or less identical products. The styling is way better than any other car currently on market. No matter which angle you choose, Cruze will look sporty and purpose-built each and every time. 2L VCDi gem is one of the most powerful engine in its class and clearly sails ahead over the refined yet poorly powered options. Thanks to variable geometry turbo, engine churns out enough grunt for every situation at any rpm range. Turbo-lag is there but not exactly as devoid lag but as a foreplay. Powerful and refined engine, well-structured body and capable chassis, all these factors makes the Cruze a driver’s Christmas present for life but unfortunately the aforementioned qualities are cashed in at the cost of creature comforts, quality materials and practicality. But think again, leaving such a talented machine for practicality is like divorcing Cheryl Cole because she can’t cook. With a starting price of 13.9 Lakhs for base LT model and 15 Lakhs for the Automatic LTZ, Chevrolet Cruze is a great value for money deal. Hyundai Elantra is a good car but with an engine out from the Verna, it is underpowered like anything. Toyota Corolla is good too but only if you’ve walked for at least 35yrs onto the mother earth. Renault Fluence is a very capable product but the sheer amount of nothingness that it depicts is unacceptable. Chevrolet Cruze on the contrary is immensely powerful, refined, a great handler, generously equipped and a stunner design, in short it is an automotive equivalent of James Dean. So, if its brutal power and driver’s delight that you’re looking for then look no further than the Chevy, but if you don’t want to compromise on the comfort and space even in exchange of a dominating and brawny machine then you should be heading straight towards Skoda showrooms for the evergreen Octavia and then straight to collect your pensions.

Chevrolet Cruze Competitors

Leading executive sedans segment from the day of its inception is one of the largest selling car of all time, Toyota Corolla. The near-perfect package of rock solid reliability, refined powertrain, and generous styling (both inside and outside) makes Corolla a very hard contender to even compete against with. However, over the years, the ruthless competition and Corolla’ own outdated design philosophy have contributed towards a shift of popularity among the buyers. Cruze however with is harsh ride and cheap built quality leaves solely only its on-road presence as a USP, that too for young customers only.
Another great option is the Skoda Octavia. A car which commands legions of fans for its superb driving dynamics and tank-like build quality. The newest model has attained nirvana with VW borrowed powertrains and new improved and modern interiors. Truly speaking, Skoda Octavia is way better than the Chevy Cruze in almost every respect, except if it’s the price that you’re concerned with and/ or the Octavia is too streamline and European for you. Hyundai Elantra with fluidic design ethos and loaded to gills goodies is a very eluding option. Hyundai’s trusted diesel engines are both rev-happy as well as fuel-efficient. Further, being a Hyundai, it is easy on the wallet as well. It’s a well-engineered luxury car from Korean stable after a long time and a true value product in this segment, just like the Cruze. Renault Fluence and Volkswagen Jetta are some other offering as well but their dedicated qualities or say intended functions are quite different from the ones of Chevrolet Cruze. The Renault is more of a luxury focused and chauffeur driven car with refined but underpowered engines. French’s trademark quirkiness is easily visible in Fluence’s exterior styling as well as in interior elements. It’s not really a driver’s car and with subtle and composed dynamics, it’s not an eye-catcher like the raw and wild Cruze. VW Jetta too is a typical German sedan with almost humorless briefcase like styling and family design cues all over its body. However, Jetta do offer some class-leading comfort and conveniences but at a hefty price tag.

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