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How is the performance of the Chevrolet Cruze? Is it comfortable and hows the AC and after sale service?

By: rahul on 16 september 2015

6 Answers:

Chevrolet Cruze is a value for money car, you get what you pay for. Corolla Altis from Toyota is another car that you can consider if do not wish to go with Chevrolet brand. You should not have issue with either of the brand if you live in a metro since both cars have good service network atleast in all metros and other major cities.

Anand   2015-09-16

The cruze is exceptionally good in performance speed delivery and traction. I personally own the car and love its speed and cruising abilities. Due this I feel it is very appropriately named that is ‘cruze. ’ I love the car because of its performance and powerful engine transmission factors each time I drive it.

Pranav Choudhary   2015-10-01

The cruze is a very good car with a good A/C and hence I love having it. The comfort that this car offers is good especially the A/C. Even though it is a big car the A/C is very efficient and hence I love when the A/C of this car is started.

Khushal Arora   2015-10-02

Cruze is an oh my god car in case of comfort. It is very very comfortable and I find it a pleasure to drive around with my family. My ids enjoy sitting in it and often fall asleep in the comfortness that this car has to offer. I love this car.

Nitish   2015-10-03

It is a good car no doubt but the after sales service on this car is a total fraud. I once had to pay over 10k just to get a head lamp replaced. I love this car and its deign but the after salesservice brings tears into my eyes every time.

Hitesh Kharbanda   2015-10-05

Chevrolet has made a wonder of the car and I love having the cruze. The cruze is a beautiful car inside outwith a lot of features. The only down side is bad and very costly after sales service. I do not feel happy and good when I have to visit the work station.

Abhhishek Kashyap   2015-10-06

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