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How can I maintain mileage of my Chevrolet Cruze?

By: Amit on 2016-04-11

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1 Answers:

I would suggest you following things to get optimum mileage from your Chevrolet Cruze:

• Service your car regularly according as recommended in user manual.
• Choose the octane fuel which best suits your car; refer to your service manual for recommendation.
• If you have a manual variant, select right gear as incorrect gearshifts can lead to more fuel consumption
• Check wheels for free rotation periodically as under-inflated tires increase fuel consumption.
• Tune up the engine as properly tuned engine maximizes power and greatly enhance fuel efficiency, be sure that sparks plugs in good condition, change oil on time, make sure that air filter is clean.
• Under inflated tyres increase rolling resistance, this leads to higher fuel consumption.
• Avoid aggressive driving; car should be driven at the optimum speed of 50-70 kmph as at high speed more fuel gets consumed.
• Avoid idling your vehicle, if you are going to stop more than 30 seconds, except in traffic, turn off the engine.
• Unnecessary loads increase fuel consumption, so reduce unnecessary weight on the car.
• Make sure that the fuel tank cap has a good rubber seal.

santosh    2016-04-11

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