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What is the mileage of Chevrolet Enjoy?

By: Etash on 2014-03-05

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With Chevroet Enjoy, a average mileage of 13.7KMPL can be got.In City conditions around 12KMPL is reliable.With diesel version standard mileage is 18.2kmpl and in city conditions upto 15kmpl is gettable.The points like engine cc,weight of vehicle,number of passangers and hence load,actual traffic conditions all constiture a mileage factor.With th ekind of utility of comfortable travel of senen passangers,its a pretty good mileage and acceptable as a group service vehicle.

All About Chevrolet Enjoy

Sonal Gupta    2014-03-05

The Chevrolet ENJOY has been powered by 1.4 ltr Petrol Engine which gives 77bhp of power and 1.3 ltr multijet diesel engine which also gives a power of 77bhp. The petrol version successfully delivers a mileage of around 10kmpl in cities and 13kmpl on highways. Though, it has been discussed that diesel engine is less powered as compared to its competitors such as Maruti Ertiga and Mahindra Quanto, but it also delivers a decent fuel economy of 13-14kmpl in cities and 18kmpl on highways.

Aadesh    2014-24-07

All Chevrolet vehicles have top notch in terms of mileage and Enjoy is not an exception as its 1.3L diesel engine offers a meaty mileage of 15.8kmpl in city conditions while on wider roads of a highway, it can deliver 18.2kmpl. On the other hand, its 1.4L petrol motor’s mileage plunges big time and end up delivering only 13.7kmpl on highways while on street roads, it delivers 11.2kmpl. However, the high power performance restricts it to give the mileage a top notch.

Ashmit    2015-15-01

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