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Is Chevrolet Enjoy available in diesel version in India?

By: Vikash on 2014-18-06

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6 Answers:

Chevrolet Enjoy has both petrol and diesel version models.

Chevrolet Enjoy Details

Sonal Gupta    2014-18-06

Yes, the Chevrolet Enjoy is a modern day MUV which can be purchased in both diesel and petrol formats. The major differences between the two are in terms of the top speed achieved. The petrol version is capable of reaching speeds up to 165kmph on level roads. The diesel version on the other hand is more suited to steep roads and can reach top speeds of up to 145 kmph.

Amitabh    2014-18-07

Many people believe that only an automatic transmission vehicle is easy to handle while the cars with manual transmission require great driving expertise and enough practice before hitting the road. This cannot be said true for the Enjoy. The Chevrolet enjoy is not available with an automatic transmission system. But the Enjoy is one of the easiest cars to drive. It is easy to drive and handle even for learners.

Rishabh    2015-11-06

Chevrolet enjoy is really a car where you can enjoy your driving due to its many features. The car is very easy to handle and drive, making the ride smooth and light. The controls of the car are simple and easy to manage as well. But you have to buy the Enjoy with a manual transmission system as The Chevrolet Enjoy is not available in an automatic transmission. The company has no plans as of now to launch an automatic version of the enjoy.

Raghuveer    2015-10-06

Among the two transmission systems people like to choose automatic transmission over the manual one due to the former’s easy handling facility. The Chevrolet enjoy which is only available in manual transmission system in India is an exception. Because this car is very easy to handle and makes driving enjoyable even with its manual transmission. The car controls are easy to handle and the ride is smooth. There are no plans of launching an automatic enjoy as of now.

Pratap    2015-12-06

Chevrolet Enjoy, the competitively priced car is creating a lot of buzz in the market since its entry in the market due to its fuel efficiency, comfort and spaciousness. But the problem with this car is that in India this car is only available with a manual transmission version only and there are no plans to launch any model with automatic transmission system to give the drivers more enjoy of driving

Manoj    2015-14-06

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