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Which is better Chevrolet Enjoy or Maruti Suzuki Ertiga?

By: Saleem on 2014-08-07

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6 Answers:

Chevrolet Enjoy and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga both feature the same engine supplied by Fiat. However in Ertiga the power has been sufficently increased to meet the demand of power from a utility vehicle. Further Ertiga has advantage of wider service network and availability of spares in almost all spares outlets. With Chevy cars you will have to depend upon the authorised service outlets. Most of it are located in cities only. Hence you can fine most of the customers for Chevrolet Enjoy are from residents of city. There is clear difference is image created by Enjoy and Ertiga. Enjoy has slightly more attraction than Ertiga. To select one, if you are optiong for special vehicle with its unique charm onroad then Enjoy is the one to go for.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-07

Chevrolet Enjoy is a little expensive car when it comes to price; however, both the cars are available in petrol and diesel versions. Enjoy’s diesel trims range from Rs. 7.4 Lakh to 8.6 and Rs. 6.1 to 7.5 Lakh. Ertiga’s diesel version price is Rs. 7.4 to 8.7 and the petrol trims range from 6 Lakh to 7.6. The addition advantage with Ertiga is that it is available in the CNG variant as well and it costs around 6.6 to 7.4 Lakh. All the diesel variants of Enjoy are available with the 1.3L engines and the petrol versions come with the 1.4L. Ertiga’s diesel variants have the same engine configuration.

heena    2014-24-07

Chevrolet entered the MPV space with its spacious ENJOY which had to beat already available and successful Maruti Ertiga. Both the compact MPVs are comfortable, nimble enough for city drive and do not dig a hole in your pocket. However, ENJOY wins over Ertiga in terms of price as its top end diesel LTZ come at 7.99lakhs whereas the Ertiga's top diesel ZDi reaches up to 8.7 lakhs. However, besides a cheap price tag, people look for ease of use, comfortable cabin, and loads of practical things. For example, in terms of comfort, ENJOY has rear AC ducts while, in terms of safety, Ertiga wins more points with its ABS. So, make a choice depending on your priorities.

Mukesh    2014-19-09

Chevrolet Enjoy and MARUTI Suzuki ERTIGA both possess the same engine supplied by Fiat. But in MARUTI Suzuki ERTIGA the power of the engine has been sufficiently increased to meet the demand of power from a utility vehicle. Further it has advantage of wider and easily available service network and availability of spares in all outlets while in case of Chevrolet, they only have service centers in the cities. But look wise Chevrolet is much better than the ERTIGA. Cost wise Chevrolets diesel LTZ come at 7.99lakhs whereas the ERTIGA's top diesel ZDI costs up to 8.7 lakhs.

Pushkar    2015-12-03

The Chevy enjoy and the Maruti Ertiga are in the same segment and have almost similar features so I understand you condition right now. But I suggest you not to go for either of them rather look for Innova which is a much better car than these two in all aspects.

Yuvraj Kohli    2015-24-03

The Maruti Ertiga is a car I would prefer over Cheverolet Enjoy any day because the car is just a sheer pleasure in drive and you will not find a database of service centres bgger than Maruti’s in the current automobile sector of the company. It is just a pleasure to drive.

Ranjan    2015-26-03

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