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When we shift from 2nd to 3rd gear in a petrol engine, the engine seems to be racing. Why is that so? I have an Enjoy with 1.4litre petrol engine.

By: Martin Soares on 2016-02-08

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1 Answers:

If your engine is racing in-between gear shifts, it indicates that either you have a worn out clutch plate that is not disengaging the engine completely when you shift gears or there is an issue with the transmission. In such a situation it is recommended that you take your vehicle to the nearest authorized service station and get the problem checked as it can lead to bigger problems in the future if it isn’t taken care of immediately.
Generally this kind of problem arises only when the driver rides the vehicle with the foot rested on the clutch pedal which slowly wears out the clutch plate. You need not worry or panic this problem is not unheard of and will be rectified within a few hours depending upon the service station.

Jinnat    2016-02-08

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