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My Chevrolet Enjoy’s AC and Dashboard make noise and service center people could not solve this issue, what should I do? I think that build quality is not good.

By: Arpit on 2016-24-10

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We cannot blame a car manufacturer without knowing the proper reason of a fault and moreover we haven’t received any such complaint about Chevrolet Enjoy upto now either. Presently the new models of cars in this segment are not resistant of bad noises especially in the dashboard and door panels. Generally this happens if after the repair the car dash panel was not accurate. Low temperatures also adversely affect the plastic and reduce its properties, leading to background noise. The front of the car is often exposed to the sun and other elements that also causes shrinking and expansion of the plastic, leads to loss of ductility of a material and makes it brittle.

There are some other causes of rattling noises like bad mount plastic racks, temperature, and incorrect installation of the front panel. Connections and fasteners can also become loose and this leads to rattling. In some cases, the source of outside noise can be in the cabin. If you have some aftermarket dash-mounted equipment, they might also be responsible for rattling noise. If the rattle comes from below when you are driving on a bumpy road or cornering a bit hard, then it's most likely the suspension.

So, your car needs a thorough examination to find the actual cause of rattling and if service center people couldn’t solve this issue you should take your car to some other expert mechanic.

lalit    2016-24-10

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