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Why does the rear AC of my Chevrolet Enjoy make noise?

By: B Rambabu on 2017-24-03

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1 Answers:

There may be many possible reasons of car air-conditioner noises, here are the common ones:

• The most common reason of a car AC noise is loose mounting bolts that are meant to secure various air conditioning components.
• Misaligned AC Belt or AC Compressor Bearing.
• Noise might be due to overcharging AC Refrigerant Gas which is causing frost on hoses, causing knocking sound.
•The compressor clutch is a high-wear item and it needs to be inspected and replaced fairly often, it will create a rattle sometimes if it is wearing out.
• AC refrigerant gas might be low and causing pressure on compressor. Get AC gas refilled along with compressor oil replacement.

I advise you to take your car to your localChevroletservice center for proper diagnosis and solution.

Nagender    2017-24-03

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