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Why has heater of my Chevrolet Enjoy stopped working?

By: Satish Laxman Chawan on 2017-18-10

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1 Answers:

There are many possible causes why has the heater of your car stopped working. Here are some of them:

• A car heater cannot operate unless the engine is full of coolant/antifreeze. If coolant level is low check the system for leaks.
• An engine thermostat control the rate in which the engine heats up. If the thermostat is faulty, heater will not work properly.
• The heater control valve prevents the flow of coolant into the heater core during the air conditioner function, sometimes this valve gets stuck and doesn’t allow hot coolant to flow.
• The heater core is responsible for converting hot coolant into heated air, if this core becomes plugged it will not operate correctly.
• If blower motor system is faulty, no air produces from the vents while the heater is in operation.

Kuldeep kumar    2017-18-10

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