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What is the boot space of Chevrolet Sail Hatchback?

By: Aashman on 11 june 2014

6 Answers:

Sail U-VA  features excellent boot space with a good planing and packing of luggage, maximum luggage can be acommodated. There is space even below the rear seats to insert possible luggage. If extra space is needed then rear seates can be folded to accomodate the same.

All About Chevrolet Sail Hatchback

Sonal Gupta   2014-06-11

The one thing where hatches geat a beating from their sedan counterparts is the legrrom and the boot. The Boot is getting a major importance these days as average middle class indian is earning more and thus stridining more on highways during their weekend trips. Chevy Sail Hatch has done a commendable job by giving impressive legroom for rear passengers, however, this extra space has come at the cost of boot which has been squeezed to 248 Ltrs. Given the good length of this hatch, customers hoped for a more generous boot and that seems missing.

paramjeet   2014-04-18

The Chevrolet sail hatchback is one of the latest models of the Chevrolet family. This car is meant to be exclusively for the small family. The boot size has been designed accordingly thus. The boot is big enough to hold the necessary items and few baggage of the small family. The sail hatchback has a smaller boot than its competing peers because more stress has been given in devoting ample leg room in the car.

Gurmeet   2015-06-13

Boot space of the car is an important parameter which is considered while buying a car. The boot size of the Chevrolet sail hatchback is comparatively small. This is because the design pays more attention to the important factor of leaving enough leg room for the back seat. This however has made the boot even smaller. One can fold the back seat if not required to increase the boot capacity.

Nishant   2015-06-15

The Chevrolet sail hatchback is meant for the small family. The boot has been planned accordingly. Though compared to other hatchbacks the boot space of the sail is smaller, the leg room provided in the car is much more than other cars. But the best part is that The back seat can be folded if required to accommodate more luggage in the boot so that if you want to take this car for a holiday you can keep more baggage.

Sachin   2015-06-17

The Chevrolet sail hatchback has been designed keeping the needs of the modern small family in mind. The boot is big enough to carry sufficient luggage for a small family who would like to hit the highways for a drive or short trip during the weekends. The boot however of the hatchback has been kept smaller so as to provide sufficient leg room which is missing in other similar cars. The back seats can also be folded to increase the boot space if required.

Kumud   2015-06-19

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