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How many colours are there in Chevrolet Sail Hatchback?

By: Dewansh on 18 june 2014

8 Answers:

Sai U-VA has seven colour combinations on offer ranging from Caviar Back, Misty lake, Linen beige,Switchblade Silver, Sandrift Grey, Velvet Red and Summit White. All combinations give best of impressions on road. 

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Sonal Gupta   2014-06-18

Choosing the car can be easy but finalizing its color can be a real tough thing. These days, automobile companies come up with such selective colors that you keep on juggling between all colors. Talking about the chevrolet SAIl hatchback, the mini car from GM's stable, is available in seven different and elegant color options which include Switchblade Silver, Linen Beige, Sandrift Grey, Velvet Red, Caviar Black, Misty Lake and Summit White. All colors are good and look vibrant on SAIL hatch. Finally, only customer can decide which is his desired colour.

Aswathy   2014-08-03

Buying a car was not difficult enough a choice, but these days the plight of a car buyer has further increased, once they are done with selecting their car, the next big decision that confuses them is the color of the car, the color is actually an important decision, to talk about the Chevrolet sail hatchback, the great looking car is available in many colors, like silver, black, grey and misty lake.

Ojas   2015-07-21

The Chevrolet sail hatchback is a great car and the good looks of the car have been enhanced by the array and variety of colors that are made available for the customers .the customers can choose colors that suit their style the most, one can choose from caviar black, beige and grey. These colors are the most suitable for any kind of use and will definitely meet all the needs of the buyer.

Stuart   2015-07-23

The cars that are available in the market are designed and style so that the customers use them as their status symbol, cars are just not a medium of transport but also a means of style, thus, the Chevrolet sail hatchback is also one of the stunners and the car looks better as they have many colors available, they offer colors like caviar black, beige, sandrift silver and grey and misty lake.

Bob   2015-07-25

The Chevrolet sail hatchback is one of the most stunning hatchbacks of this time, this hatchback is an absolute stunner and the car looks greater because of the colors they are available in, the cars have many colors as an option. One could choose from grey, black, beige or silver. One can choose according to their preference as the color also speaks a lot about the owner’s style and lifestyle.

Kevin   2015-07-27

The market offers a number of cars, the hatchbacks are one of the most preferred cars as they are compact, great looking and also packed with all the features needed in a car, the Chevrolet sail hatchback is the latest and the most preferred hatchbacks, this stunning car is available in many colors like the black, white, silver, beige and grey. One can make their choice as per their requirement and style quotient.

Remmi   2015-07-29

Chevrolet Sail hatch is available in 6 vibrant shades and all colors look astonishing on this car. Most of the buyers prefer Switch Blade Silver and Summit White too keep the shine and color away from getting faded as these colors last long comparatively. A few, who love bright colors go for the Super Red while those who prefer more to be in authoritative can go for the Caviar Black and Sandrift Grey is liked by all for its sophisticated quality.

Naveen   2015-08-02

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