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Which is better used Chevrolet Sail Hatchback or Swift diesel?

By: Kabita on 17 september 2014

5 Answers:

Chevrolet Sail hatchback diesel ie Earlier version U-VA has decent performance and mileage figures. You can see plenty of used U-VA of 2011 and 2012 in the range of 4.2 to 5.1Lakh. Similar year Swift diesel can cost you more than 5.5Lakhs. The comparative cost of Swift diesel is higher than that of diesel version Sail U-VA. Swift has advantage of slightly higher power and better interior fit and finish.Main advantage is about wide spread service centers and hence easy to maintian the car. In overall if you are getting a good offer for Sail U-VA then its worth considering it positively.

Sonal Gupta   2014-09-17

Both the cars have their own characteristics and thus they come up as good options to go with. Chevrolet is available in both petrol and diesel engine alterative and so is Swift. However, there is a little difference in the prices as to buy Swift you will have to drain your wallet a little more. Chevrolet’s petrol engine is a little stronger but there is no difference in the diesel variants, they all are 1248cc. Nevertheless, Swift wins the heart for its fuel-efficiency by delivering 25.2kmpl with diesel engines and 20.4kmpl with petrol versions. On the other hand, Sail offers only 22.1kmpl with diesel and 18.2kmpl with petrol. In dimension, Swift has a leg up by having the L x W x H of3850mm, 1695mm and 1530mm while Sail has 3946mm, 1690mm, and 1503 mm. The cargo space of Sail is better than Swift which is 248 liter and the later has only 204 liter of space. The safety features of both the hatchbacks are more or less the same. The drivability and comfort of Swift is better whereas Sail is unbeatable in term of looks. Chevrolet Sail comes with three years of warranty while Swift offers only 2 years of warranty.

Champak   2014-10-22

Maruti Suzuki cars are always more reliable than other brands therefore, it would be a preferred choice. The main reason being the popularity they enjoy in the used car market. Also Maruti Suzuki has a good network of service centres and authorised spare part dealers. But factors that can be considered are mileage and looks, in which Chevrolet Sail hatchback is better than Maruti Suzuki Swift. It has a more powerful engine.

Neil   2014-11-14

Both the cars are at par with each other and therefore it would be wrong to just assume one better than the other. Though it is true that Maruti enjoys more market share but Chevrolet Sail hatchback is a powerful car to own. It runs on a 11248cc diesel engine that gives more torque and mileage than Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel variant. Though it is low on features and safety than Maruti Suzuki Swift, it is totally a personal preference in choosing one over the other.

Swaran   2014-11-18

The answer to this question is pretty tough as both the cars are very good competition of each other. Both the cars are available in both Petrol and Diesel variants. Chevrolet’s petrol engine is slightly superior but no difference in the diesel variants. The cargo space of the Sail is superior to Swift. Also the price of the Swift is a bit more than that of the Sail. Swift has superior mileage than the Sail. Swift has a better drivability and comfort while Sail excels in looks. The Sail comes with 3years warranty while Swift has of only 2years.

Prateek   2015-03-12

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