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How is the resale value of Sail?

By: Sandeep on 6 june 2014

8 Answers:

There are good number of Sail available in used car market. Most of the diesel versions are available in range of 6.0Lakh and above. Some of the LS ABS diesel version Sail are available for 7.0Lakh. Similarly petrol version Sail price ranges from around 4.5 Lakh and above. A LS ABS variant Sail in good condition can be bought for around 4.7Lakh. The general resale value depends upon lot of parameters including actual demand for the model, present condition of the same and urgency of the customer to sell and eagerness of buyer to get one and lot more. In general you can get a fair conditiond Sail in around 5.0Lakh.

Sonal Gupta   2014-06-06

Chevrolet Sail is a classy sedan that was launched in 2013. Therefore, the availability of this sedan in the used car maker is limited and this can be one of the prime reasons for getting good money in return. Though it doesn’t has high demands like competitor, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, still a Chevrolet Sail can cost anywhere between 4 to 5 lakhs in the used car market depending upon the model year and variant.

Tarun   2014-07-17

Correcting the above stated answer, I would like to say that a 2013 Chevrolet Sail model can cost as low as 3.5 lakhs also. The final always depends on the buyer-seller negotiation skills and also the agent fee, if any. Another factor affecting the costing of this car is the Chevrolet after sales service which has had many negative reviews in the past. It is true that Chevrolet cars arent very favourable with used car buyers.

Deepansh   2014-07-18

One of the important aspects that haven’t been covered in any of the above answers is the condition of the car. The model year and variant are important factors but do not forget the health of the car. If the car has a good servicing history and is in a good physical condition, with minimum scratches and damage, then it can fetch u good money .Chevrolet have improved the service of late primarily due to the rising market share because of Chevrolet Beat.

Shantanu   2014-07-20

The re sale value of the Chevrolet sail car is pretty good, there are a number of people who take up the used Chevrolet cars and they offer a good price to the owners, the diesel versions of this car are sold and then the re sale or used car market offers the buyers the car in a range of 6 lakhs. The petrol version is available for 4.5 lakhs. The cars that are readily accepted by the used car market if they are in excellent working condition.

Shakti   2015-07-25

The re sale value of both the Chevrolet sail: diesel and petrol variants are taken by the used car market, the used car market is huge and such nice cars that are great in performance are accepted by all the car markets. The petrol variants are readily available for sale for 4.5 lakhs while the diesel variant is available for 6 lakhs. The actual price that each market or seller might offer differ from seller to seller. Thus, one must determine the condition of their car before they sell it.

Sushil   2015-07-30

The Chevrolet Sail is a great car and is readily accepted by the used car market as the car is demanded a lot by the users, the cars if are in great working condition then they are given higher pay and they are happily taken and sold to people again. The prices vary as per the models and variants of the car, all depends on the negotiations of the buyer and seller.

Nibodh   2015-07-31

The people, who look forward to selling their Chevrolet sail, can be relived by the fact that these kinds of cars are readily taken by the used car market, if they are in great condition, it becomes even more easier and convenient for the owner to sell the car with ease and also get a handsome amount of money in return.

Dishant   2015-08-08

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