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Does Chevrolet Sail have diesel engine? What is the maximum kms running capacity of this car? After how much kms does engine bore need replacement? What is the cost of engine bore?

By: Pradeep on 24 november 2016

1 Answers:

Chevrolet Sail comes in both diesel and petrol variants.

Modern engines can be run over 1.5-2 lakh kms without any major repair or trouble if you maintain them properly. Life span in general depends on two major factors that include maintenance and driving style. If your car is treated well and you get scheduled services, life of the spare parts as well as of the engine is improved and the car can run for longer than what you can expect out of it.

No certain kms can be mentioned for engine reboring of Chevrolet Sail or any other car as reboring is required when the piston rings and cylinder are damaged by excessive usage, continuous high speed driving or lack of lubrication. The service center people should inform you when your engine will require reboring. The general signs when your engine requires reboring are excessive oil consumption, excessive smoke and significant loss in power. In my opinion engine reboring would cost you around 15-20K

manoj   2016-11-24

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