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Can we fit ABS in Chevrolet Spark?

By: Teerath on 13 july 2014

6 Answers:

Chevrolet Spark does not feature Antilock braking system . Fitting ABS needs lot of technological equipments and testings have to be carried out. Though its possible to fit it at modification provider centers, it wont be worth the money and labour involved. Also ABS is a additional support for braking support for stability during braking on slippery surfaces. A well maintained braking system would be fairly good enough.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-13

Chevrolet Spark does not include an ABS in its specifications. The structure of the car is engineered in such a way that it does not need an extra breaking system backup. It can be fitted into the car by specialists who would incur a high cost of about 20K. The prolonged process involves a lot of hardware engineering and coding for installation and is not highly recommended in this car.

Ajju   2014-07-31

The Chevrolet spark does not include an ABS system and does not require it as well. The braking system of the car has been designed and built in a manner to provide sufficient breaking when required. The ABS fittings need technological advancements and equipments that are not available everywhere. Though one can opt to get the spark fitted with the ABS fittings at reputed service centers, it is not worth the money and is hence not recommended. A regular check of the regular brakes in the spark is suggested to maintain the car better.

Aradhaya   2015-06-10

ABS is the new talk of the town. It stands for Antilock breaking system. This is mainly required to provide extra braking facility especially in slippery areas or roads. The Chevrolet spark doesn’t have an in-built ABS fitting. This is because the ordinary brakes are sufficient enough for the spark. Though one can get an ABS fitted in the spark, it is not necessary, rather would be a waste of money.

Dhruv   2015-06-12

The normal brakes of the Chevrolet spark are enough to provide sufficient breaking when required. The ABS technology is not required in the spark. One can get the ABS fitting installed in the spark from any reputed service centre if he or she wishes to but it is completely unnecessary in the spark and especially if you are driving it in city roads, but if you are planning to go out with it then it’s better to have ABS installed.

Munsi   2015-06-13

The Chevrolet spark does not come with an in-built ABS system. The ordinary brakes of the car are really good. Thus if one may wish to get the ABS installed in the spark then he has to do it by incurring extra cost as company doesn’t provide this facility with this model of hatchback., it is not recommended because it is unnecessary in the spark while you are driving in the city and hence it’s a complete waste of money.

Jaggu   2015-06-15

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