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My Chevrolet Spark touched the speed breaker while I was travelling. Was it due to heavy load or due to company's fault?

By: kishan patel on 2 january 2016

1 Answers:

Every manufacturer indicated gross weight of the car. As a principle, car must never be loaded beyond the rated gross weight that it has. Gross weight is basically the the total load that a car can carry (it's own weight + weight of passengers + fuel) etc. Chances are that five passengers of 80 kg each exceeded the gross weight due to which it adverse affects on the ground clearance and the vehicle touched the ground. Another reason can also be due to the height of speed breaker itself which I must say are pretty badly constructed in India. To prevent permanent damage to the suspension of the car and underbody, you musn't carry more weight that the car is rated for.

Siddharth   2016-01-02

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