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What are the safety features in Chevrolet Tavera?

By: Amartya on 20 april 2014

6 Answers:

Tavera has wide range of variants.While thare are no much safety features  except strong body shell. However features such as Rear door child lock, seatbelts, high mount central lamp are the few put forward 

All About Chevrolet Tavera 

Sonal Gupta   2014-04-20

Chevrolet Tavera is fitted with ventilated disc brakes in front with solid drum brakes in rear wheels. Being a utility vehicles, the suspension of the vehicle is also very good which comes with gas filled shockers in all the wheels. Top models are equipped with power steering with a minimum turning radius of 5.6 meters. Other safety features include rear lock child lock, power window lock and solid side impact beam. The rear axle of car is supported by semi-elliptical leaf spring mechanism which is capable of carrying high loads

Abhi   2014-06-27

According to me the car is powerful with strong engine, new head and tail lights. The inside look may be a luxury bit with animal skin seating, as so much as house it offers for 7-10 smart comfort seats with giant windows. This MUV version has twin tone interiors with full cloth carpet. Safety and quality has been the USP for Tavera with gray and beige dashboard and in designed system.

Karma   2015-02-03

Well I believe appearance matters and with this model of Chevrolet, my want to induce a gorgeous car is simply consummated. It offers wonderful exterior appearance beside wonderful interior that will sure enough attract several alternative patrons. The general look and dimension of this automobile is way higher than alternative cars of identical complete. It’s one in every of the showy and rough, robust cars that I actually have ever tough.

Pragyan   2015-03-04

I think, Chevrolet Tavera guarantees their passengers to feel safe while travelling. It is fitted with disc brakes, child lock, power window and drum brakes in rear wheels. The car is designed according to the patchy roads of India. To give more comfort the suspension is designed in away to absorb maximum shock so that the passenger is at ease. The steering is power steering with minimum radius of 5.6 meters.

Neerav   2015-03-06

Chevrolet Tavera comes up with new engine that pumps a lot of power and a lot of force as compare to alternative models. Talking concerning the inside house it provides the comfortable seating with additional comfort for luxury bit, giant windows to present ethereal feel. The automobile misses the items like wheel management, very little read for the outer mirrors, USB compatibility for the system, ABS and air baggage. These options build a distinction.

Jaspreet   2015-03-08

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