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What is the fuel tank capacity of Chevrolet Tavera?

By: Danush on 2014-18-03

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5 Answers:

Tavera Features 50L fuel tank.Considering the size of vehicle and mileage factors and mainly of utility. If Chevrolet could have provided higher tank capacity such as 60L or 65L, it would have served much better.

Chevrolet Tavera Details

Sonal Gupta    2014-18-03

The Chevrolet Tavera comes with a 50 liter fuel tank. This may seem big enough for some people. But basically MUVs like Tavera, which are mainly getting used for the long and comfortable driving and as big as the Tavera should have a bigger fuel tank so as to allow a joyful and stress free ride. After all, the Tavera is an ideal car for long drives on the highway.

Sumant    2015-16-06

MUVs are basically the cars which are more often used for longer driving sessions and especially where you have to take more people than just your family. The Chevrolet Tavera is considered as one of the best options for long drives on highways. The Chevrolet Tavera runs on diesel and has a moderate fuel tank of 50 liters than other MUV’s. On an average one can expect a mileage of 18 km/l.

Darshan    2015-17-06

The Chevrolet Tavera being an MUV is expected to run for long distances at ease. It comes built in with a 50 liter fuel tank though it seems that the fuel tank is large enough but when it comes to MUV’s standard this kind of fuel tank is generally considered as below than average. Though with an average mileage of 18 km/l, the Tavera can run for approximately 800-900 kms on a full tank which is quite satisfactory.

Pranav Kumar    2015-18-06

Considering the size of the MUV, the fuel tank size of the Chevrolet Tavera is perhaps quite small. The diesel version of the Tavera has a fuel tank size of 50 liters. Though the company promises an average mileage of 18km/l on city roads and higher on highways, a bigger tank size would have been a better option for a comfortable long drive on the Chevrolet Tavera. Though due to its impeccable fuel efficiency the lack of bigger fuel tank is covered up well.

Pankaj    2015-19-06

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