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Can we get sliding sun roof in Tavera

By: mahendrasingh on 17 october 2015

3 Answers:

You should be able to get sliding sun-roof in market and get it installed. The cradtsmanship and installation may not be as immaculate as the one that comes directly from the car manufcaturer.

Emmi   2015-10-17

Installing a sunroof is easier said than done. You will need to spend quite a lot of money customizing it to improve the aesthetics and interiors of this car because it doesn't come pre installed in the Tavera. If you think you want the sunroof anyway, your local accessory or modification shop should be able to give you this service at a premium price.

akshay kumar   2015-11-03

Chevrolet Tavera has a huge roof so you can get customize it according to your needs and get it installed from the industry but the manufacturer does not give you the option of installing a sunroof in it. The car itself is very airy and it doesn't require a sunroof though. Also, it will spoil the original look and feel of the car.

taruna singh   2015-11-19

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