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I want to know if the Trailblazer has a 4X4 option and is there a way I can switch between two and four wheel drive too. Help me compare it with Mitsubishi Pajero and help me buy.

By: Nasar on 8 december 2015

3 Answers:

The Trailblazer does not come with a 4X4 variant at present but is a very capable off-road car despite being two wheel drive, the engine drives the rear two wheels and you get options like hill-descent and hill start assist, ESC, EBD, CBC, TCS, PBA etc. You would be better off with Trailblazer that the Mitsubishi Pajero if you do not plan on doing serious off-roading. Mitsubishi might be consider a serious off-roader due to 4X4 option but the after sales area is something that's much better of Chevrolet in comparison. Alternatively, check the Fortuner or wait for the latest Endeavour that would be launched next year.

Kayal   2015-12-08

Nope. I don’t think there comes a 4x4 version of this car. And I am positive about the fact that you can never turn a 4x2 version of a car to a 4x4 version all by yourself. It requires factory work. It requires two differentials which you cannot make at home.

rohit das   2015-12-16

This car cannot be compared to Mitsubishi Pajero as the price tags differ vastly. However the car is a joy to ride and I would prefer it over the Pajero as it comes in cheaper and the top model contains a lot of features which may come in handy at any time.

kamal rana   2015-12-17

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