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About Datsun

Datsun is a prominent brand in automobile sector which is a part of Nissan Motor Company. The original production segment of Datsun was started in year 1931. From the period of 1958 to 1986, those vehicles which were exported by the company Nissan were only known as Datsun. In year 1986, the company removed Datsun name, and in 2013, Datsun again came into light as a revamped Nissan brand for vehicles costing low price and targeting developing markets. This is how Datsun is again here in automobile industry with its exclusive range of low cost cars. This is a global auto brand which has come up with several exciting car models in the market.

Datsun Cars In India:
There are several famous models of Datsun which is produced by Nissan Motor Company. The main Datsun segments include Datsun Fairlady Roadsters and Datsun 510 Sedan. Two of them have got astonishing recognition in global auto market. The performance, features, technology and engine quality of these Datsun cars have attracted a number of buyers. In India, car lovers have really appreciated Datsun 510 Sedan and Datsun Fairlady Roadsters. Perhaps, most of the Datsun products are lightweight, affordable and high efficient, but the cars are really resilient for every environment.

Datsun Products & Position In Global Market:
Datsun is not limited to few countries; however, it is doing well in various parts of the world. As of now, the business of Datsun has extended to 190 countries. This is one of the oldest automotive companies, which was established in 1911 year in Japan. The first car of this company came into existence in 1914. This automobile company has manufactured a number car models and auto products so far. It has sold around 20 million segments across various auto markets. Due to some reasons, Nissan phased Datsun name in 1986, but in 2012, the company again revived Datsun. This brand of Nissan holds a company vision for Mobility to all.

Datsun & Its Attractive Car Models:
Datsun range of Nissan is all about attractive car models which will surely fulfill the expectations of car lovers. Soon, it will create a prestigious place among the top auto manufacturers across the world. Presently, Datsun has landed its remarkable model Datsun Go which is a ravishing hatchback and is ready to replace all entry-level cars in the segment. As of now, Datsun Go is the only model of this brand which costs Rs 3, 12, 270 for the initial version and Rs 3, 69, 999 is for top version.

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