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How similar are the Datsun Go and Datsun Go Plus?

By: Vrishbhan on 2015-09-01

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3 Answers:

Datsun Go Plus is the second model from the Japanese automaker for India under their scheme of producing locally designed cars for local markets. Go Plus, to keep the competition intense is priced way lower and the cost cutting is done by keeping it the same as Go. Same front fascia, rear tail lights and looks, the side lines are also similar. Inside too, the material quality and the layout are the same as Go hatchback. The only difference is the size. The engine is also similar 1.2L 3 cylinder petrol gulping mill, producing 107Nm torque and 67bhp power which could be increased for a vehicle big in size. Also a Diesel version might be launched in the near future.

TeamAutoportal    2015-09-01
Nice question Vrishbhan,
Well, here are some important changes that Datsun Go Plus has as compared to the hatchback version.
What remains the same -
•        It derives the same 1.2L engine and produces the same power figures
•        It's has got the same headroom, same under thigh support
•        Same cabin finish, same features in the variants as in the hatchback version
•        Again - it lacks safety features

What changes -
•        Additional length of 8 inches gives it a premium feel as compared to the hatchback
•        Suspension has been improved
•        Effortless to drive, as the low end torque has been improved
•        the second row of the MPV feels better and is has more space
•        3rd two cum bigger boot is the most important distinction
Bhawna Shetty    2015-29-01

Datsun Go and Go Plus both comes in 4 variants with petrol engines only. These both cars are exactly same with a difference of 5-seater and 7-seater capacity. Due to increased length in Go Plus, a very comfortable leg room is provided to its passengers. The only difference in respective models is the presence of a rear headlamp in Go Plus. The top model of Go Plus is equipped with an integrated antenna and radio which is absent in top model in Go. Go Plus is about 40,000 to 50,000 more expensive than Go due to 7-seater configuration.

pravin murthy    2015-06-06

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