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What is the tyre pressure for Datsun go Plus?

By: Qutaar Khan on 7 february 2015

2 Answers:

Datsun go Plus is blessed with same 13 inches wheels which are coming in Datsun go hatchback. Basically now those same wheels have to lift extra load of rear seats. The best way to get maximum comfort is via soft tires only, and this is possible by low pressure which also results in poor fuel economy while to receive maximum fuel economy driver should increase tyre pressure to maximum limit. The perfect range is 28-40 psi and according to my observation 35 psi would be perfect tyre for Datsun go Plus because same wheels is lifting extra load.
TeamAutoportal   2015-02-07

The perfect range of the tyre pressure is 28-40psi and as observed a pressure of 35psi would be perfect for Datsun Go + as the same wheels are lifting extra load. The best way to get maximum comfort is by soft tyres only which is possible by lowering the pressure, which inturn also affects the fuel economy. So, to recieve maximum fuel economy driver should increase the tyre pressure to its maximum limit.

Sagar   2015-06-20

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