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What is the fuel tank capacity of Datsun go Plus?

By: Nadeem on 2015-25-01

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2 Answers:

Good fuel economy and decent fuel tank capacity can become perfect combination of stress free long road trip. Here Datsun go Plus shows fuel economy of 20.63 kmpl and 35 liters of fuel tank can let you tension free drive up to 722 km and according to me this figure is really attractive if you love to travel places. Generally large fuel tanks becomes problem but here it's a perfect combo.
TeamAutoportal    2015-25-01

Datsun Go + shows a fuel economy of 20.63kmpl and have 35 litres of fuel tank, which is pretty good for long drives and can set off the tension of filling it again and again. As a nice fuel tank capacity and a good fuel economy are the perfect combination for a stress free road trip.

Krishan    2015-15-06

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