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How much heat engine will take after continuous drive ?

By: Srinivasan Elango on 2015-24-03

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Hello Srinivasan Elango !!

Datsun GO T model can be driven for more than 200 to 300kms in one go.However such long drives would lead to fatigue on the driver. Remember a slight mistake or loosing alertness by driver could lead to accidents especially when driving fast. In general it is always recommendable to take a short break after maximum 150kms of driving. Here safety of driver and vehicle and passengers matters more than testing capacity of engine. As most of new engines are very well proven in testing, it wont be a trouble to run the same for more than 3 hours continouosly without stoppage, irrespective of road conditions.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-26-03

Datsun Go+ MPV can run continuo's up to 200 km without any stoppage and engine overheating because after that continues engine running could lead to internal wear and tears which is not good for car. Driving about 150 km will easily fatigue any driver so it is strongly recommended to take rest after maximum driving of 150 km/hr because even small distraction could lead to some serious road accidents which is not good. Overall Datsun Go+ is a long running and reliable car.

Devinder    2015-22-04

Datsun Go Plus is one of the MPVs, which can be driven up to a decent level in one go and it would not impact its engine much, however, pushing it hard might cause you sever consequences, which is with every car. The 1.2L engine scoops out a fair power and torque output, which caters it to cruise relatively well. Being equipped with a five speed manual transmission gearbox also influences the engine’s performance giving it a comfort on long revs.

Rajiv    2015-28-04

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