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Can I exchange my Tata Indigo with Datsun?

By: balwinder k Selopal on 2015-25-04

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Hello Balwinder K Selopal..

There are no direct exchange offers going on.However all dealers have used car outlets.You can sell the car at optimum price and use it as down payment for the new car. Dealer sales advisors help in this regard. You can also use onroad price and emissions calculation features for getting quotes on onroad price and assistance for loan.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-29-04

Tata Indigo and Dastun GO+MPV are two very different class of cars. While Dastun GO+MPV is a multi purpose vehicle, TATA Indigo is a sedan. Dastun comes with 7 seats and Indigo has only 5 seats. So before you try to exchange your Dastun with TATA Indigo, you have to be clear whether you will like to sacrifice two extra seats of Dastun for the TATA Indigo. Dastun also gives you better mileage and also comes with similar powered engines. So first get your priorities in order then go for the exchange.

Bhushan    2015-07-06

You will find it very difficult to get a dealer who is willing to exchange your Dastun with his Indigo, but if you do find one, take care to examine the Indigo minutely. As to whether it is properly maintained, number of miles it logged, the condition of its engine and its papers. If everything is OK, then you can go ahead. However, before you make the exchange, keep it in mind that, you are willing to make the exchange with a vehicle that not only gives lower mileage than the Dastun, but also can seat two people less.

Naresh    2015-11-06

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