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Would I be able to drive Datsun Go plus?

By: krishnaswamy rajesh on 2015-21-05

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Hello krishnaswamy Rajesh..

You would be able to easily extrapolate the driving skills that you acquired on the Alto and drive the Datsun GO+. The gearshift pattern of the Datsun GO+ is the same as the Alto, therefore, you would get accoustomed to it very quickly. The steering sensitvity and the comparitively larger dimensions of the car is something that would getting used to. 


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-22-05

Yes, you would be able to explore the driving functions of the car very easily if you have driven Alto, as the gearshift pattern is same as of the Alto. You will get used to it very quickly. But there are two things you should keep in mind while driving - the steering snsitivity and the large dimensions of the car.

Ruhtang    2015-12-06

Datsun Go+ MPV is a small car with spacious interiors. It fits anywhere and there would be very less problem of parking especially on crowded parking lots like in India. The car has amazing features interior and exterior wise. This will make your driving experience comfortable and convenient like it has been mine for the past one year. I own a Datsun GO+ MPV T and have travelled long distance with minimal servicing.

Armaan    2015-17-06

I own a Datsun GO+MPV D1 and it has been very easy to drive. As the above statement, the interiors of the car are amazing and comfortable. It is a spacious car for a big family hence you would not experience any discomfort while driving. The seats come with jacquard fabric and the Air conditioner has a cooling effect. There are bottle holders and the seats have functions like sliding and reclining with a good spinal support.

Karanveer    2015-19-06

Truly, Datsun Go+ MPV is an easy car to drive as compared to the competitors of the same price range. The car offers features like front door arm rest with side storage tray and ticket holder at the driver’s side. The AC vents are closable and has a nice cooling effect. It also has parking brake and gear shift which can be leveled. Overall, you will find the car very easy to drive.

Shivam    2015-20-06

I am a proud owner of Datsun GO+ MPV D1, the smooth transmission makes the driving hassle free. The interiors are amazing as Hemali and Supriya said. The cabin of the car also includes a drive computer. The mileage of the car is powerful with 68 PS at 5000 RPM and maximum torque power of 104 NM at 4000 RPM. The clutch is hydraulic with five speed manual gears. Love this car !

Harsh    2015-22-06

I agree with the above answers about the Datsun GO+ MPV being a great and easy car to drive. I have been driving this car for about a year now and the driving experience has been nothing but relaxed and comfortable. The car also has a heater, tailgate opener which is operated by a remote and a 12V accessory socket. It is definitely a car which you will enjoy driving!

Garin    2015-24-06

As Datsun GO+ is gaining grounds in India, it is quite natural that you get questions like if you can drive the car with ease. You can drive it with hassle free options, and you can make use of the skills you get in Alto, and the gear shifting pattern is also same. The steering sensitivity and the larger dimensions are something you need to be careful about, but you will get used in a matter of weeks.

Nisaar    2015-30-06

If you have driven other cars, then handling the Datsun GO+ MPV is not a trouble. But for the first time owners, this could be a bit tough task. however, if you have driven an Alto car, then this is not a hassle at all. You can find the gear shifting to be similar in Go+ and just the steering sensitivity is what you need to keep in mind.

Dhruv    2015-01-07

Datsun GO+ is an easy to drive car. This fits to even the new drivers. The driving has no hassles, thanks to the transmission. There are proud owners who have been using the car for more than a year now. You can see that Datsun GO+ is modeled to ensure that the drivers feel comfy during the ride. This is why the features like seats, the storage tray are present.

Aseeb    2015-17-07

Datsun GO+ MPV has less brand awareness in India, and that’s the reason many frequently ask if it is easy to drive, when they are thrown the option to buy one. This car can be compared with the Alto when it comes to the gear shifting. You can see the driving too is same as this. But you need to careful when it comes to the steering sensitivity, and the larger dimensions of the car

Ashu    2015-24-07

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