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Is Datsun Go Plus compatible with CNG?

By: kshitij on 2015-26-05

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Hello Kshitij !!

The Datsun Go+ is only available with petrol engine. However, the company has plans to launch CNG variant later this year. If you wish to purchase the car before. You can perhaps get the retrofit government / RTO approved CNG kit. Please consult your service dealer before the installation. In cases where the CNG kits are retrofitted, car manufacturer's warranty becomes void.  


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-01-06

At present, there are no trims of Dastun GO+MPV, which runs on CNG. However, there are talks that the company may bring the diesel variant of this car in the near future. Nevertheless, in case you want to add the CNG option to your vehicle anyway, then we suggest that you take suggestion from your auto dealer, who can install retrofit of the CNG pack to your vehicle. We do not know whether, changing to CNG variant will improve your mileage or not, but it will significantly cut down air pollution for sure.

Manish    2015-08-06

Sorry to inform you that at present there is no option to buy CNG variant of this multi purpose vehicle. It is available in the same 1.2 litre petrol engine that is already present in the Go hatchback. However, we believe that the company is planning to roll out the CNG variant of this car in not too distant future. If you want to add the CNG feature to this vehicle, then you with the help of your dealer can add the CNG retrofit to your vehicle. But we must caution you that this changeover will make your warranty void.

Gujal    2015-11-06

Yes, Datsun Go Plus is compatible with the CNG option, but unfortunately company is not offering any of its CNG variant right now. You can get the CNG kit assembled in your Datsun Go Plus MPV by any external CNG kit provider. Make sure that CNG kit provider is authorized and registered.

Ayushmaan    2015-15-07

Datsun Go Plus MPV is not available with any company fitted CNG variant. As stated above you can contact any external CNG kit provider for this, but if you are afraid about getting CNG kit assembled through any external dealer, you can consider Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Maruti Ertiga comes with two CNG variants and its performance is better than Datsun Go Plus.

Riansh    2015-17-07

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