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I like the Datsun Go+ and am planning to buy it soon. However, the kerb weight of the vehicle is just 794kgs which is my point of concern as this makes the Go+ even lighter than WagonR and Hyundai i10. Does this light weight affect the performance and ride of the Datsun vehicle?

By: Mosin on 2016-10-07

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There is nothing to worry at all regarding the kerb weight of Datsun Go+. The vehicle is equipped with a 1200cc engine producing a 67 bhp of power. This is sufficient to pull the light weight car comfortably and also produce a good mileage of 20.6 kmpl. In fact it is good that the weight is less as it will reduce the effort of the engine and offer a softer ride. One only needs to be careful when going over speed breakers or potholes as due to the light weight of the car, it might bounce.
Apart from this, nowadays sheet metal fabrication is being used during manufacturing of vehicles. This is a thinner sheet and thus results to a lighter vehicle.

Ritu     2016-10-07

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