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What should be the tyre pressure for front and rear tyres for my 2010 Volkswagen Vento 1.6litres in summers and winters? I have the JK Vectra tyres fitted and have been running my car on them for the last five years. The size of the tyres is 175x70 R14. Also, recommend which brand of tyres should I use for my car since these tyres have already covered around 48,000kms?

By: Bhavin suthar on 2016-26-07

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1 Answers:

The recommended tyre pressure for a better mileage is 35 psi as per the company standards and 30 psi should be good for a good comfortable ride. If you are looking for maximum comfort then 33psi seems to be the ideal tyre pressure. During summers the air will tend to expand so you need to fill in less tyre pressure as during long journeys, the air in the tyre will get heated and expand thereby increasing the tyre pressure, whereas in winters the air will become dense and the tyre pressure will tend to reduce. Hence, during summers you need to keep your tyre pressure at 31 psi and during winters at 35 psi.

In the future if you are looking to change your tyres then you can go in for the Ceat, Apollo or Goodyear brands as they manufacture the exact same tyre as the one fitted on your vehicle. From the above 3, you may compare the rates and talk to their dealers and check for discounts as well. It is recommended that you go in for Ceat tyres but it is totally your decision as all the above mentioned brands are equally good. 

Jatin    2016-26-07

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