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User review on Datsun GO Plus (2015-2018) written by Parag M on 15 July 2016

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Year of Manufacture : 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 24477

Overall rating: 3
Overall rating: 4
Overall rating: 3
Overall rating: 3
Overall rating: 2
Pros: We liked Datsun Go+ over all from Interior and Exterior, Price Tag,Feel proud to have 5+2 seat car. Most important Nissan Brand.
Cons: Since I travel a lot day & Night I feel the Head Lamp are focus is not at all good enough.( Would be interested to get it replaced with pay if the improvement is already done). Cabin light switch need to be connected with each door. Improvement on doors locking is too necessary. Door RVM need adjustment stake.
I purchased Datsun Go+ on 30 July 2015, I travel by car across Maharashtra & Gujrat about 4 to 4 days a week, Unbelievingly the fuel efficiency is between 17-22 Km Pl, at time I have also achieved 30+, Moreover on my latest tour back from Ratnagiri to Pune at Satara I top up my car and the mileage displayed on meter was 99.8 gradually drooping 70-50-45 and finally it was 26 Km Pl speed @ 70-90 Km Ph and next Top Up was hardly 3.4 Liters. Its best car , one should not droop the idea to buy Datsun Go+ just because they are very few on roads, Instead get feedback from the existing owners or visit dealer ship to have a test ride.

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Cheapest MPV but lacks safety features

Overall rating: 3 Reviewed By: Aanand Rastogi on 03 Mar 2015

I've not purchased the car but has taken a test drive a few days ago. What I liked about the MPV...

Nice car

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Manoj Arora (Guest) on 03 Mar 2015

If you are more then five person in a family you should definately go for this mini van Datsun Go+

First drive

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Manu on 11 Mar 2015

I took test drive of Datsun Go + today. It’s a very good car from the Datsun Group. I am impressed...

I personally din't like the car

Overall rating: 3 Reviewed By: rajesh (Guest) on 16 Mar 2015

i don't want to say anything about this car coz its a worst car i have ever seen ..

Compact family vehicle

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Bhanu Sharma on 31 Mar 2015

Dastun Go+ is my choice for my family trips as this car can carry 5 adults (including driver) and...

ok car

Overall rating: 3 Reviewed By: Pranav Anand on 28 Apr 2015

Dastun Go Plus is a stylish offering by Datsun and easily beats most of its rivals in the looks...

An Exqusitive Compact MPV

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Shantanu on 18 May 2015

I have been in the mechanic profession since long and have driven many cars. Recently is tried my...

A Not So Pricy yet An MPV

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Bhuvneshwar on 06 May 2015

I am planning to buy an MPV as it can bring better results and when I heard the T variant of Datsun...

Price for Money

Overall rating: 3 Reviewed By: Punji Lal Meher (Guest) on 07 May 2015

With this low price, what else can be done. In comparision to price, this is the perfect vehicle...

passenger seat experience

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Kehsva Gupta on 15 May 2015

Last weekend I booked a cab from my office to home and the taxi driver bought Datsun Go+ T as we...

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Datsun GO Plus (2015-2018)

Datsun GO Plus (2015-2018)


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