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What is the mileage of the same ?

By: Sandeep on 15 may 2015

7 Answers:

Hello Sandeep..

The ARAI claimed mileage for Datsun Go is 20.63kmpl. The mileage determined by ARAI is as per standard conditions such as smooth road, minimum pay load,standard driving conditions and so on. The actual mileage differsdepending upon vehicle condition, driving condition such as road and traffic density and so on. The mileage of 16.7KMPL is quite acceptable consideering newness of engine. You can expect it to improve to anything around 18kmpl by using synthetic engine oil, premium petrol and keeping vehicle in best condition. If the same fuel effeciency persist or reduces further even after second service then there is need of detailed inspection.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-01-09

Datsun Go has been basically manufactured keeping first-time car buyers and lower middle-class buyers of India in focus. That's why its engine has also been tuned to give a good mileage to attract the aforesaid target buyer group. Its 1198 CC petrol engine which is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox gives ARAI certified mileage of 20.6 Kmpl. However, one can expect it to give around 15-16 Kmpl in city and 18-19 Kmpl on highways.

Rumil   2015-01-22

The claimed ARAI mileage for Datsun Go under the standard conditions such as smooth road, minimum pay load, standard driving conditions is 20.63kmpl. But it differs when it comes to vehicle condition, driving condition and traffic density. Although a mileage between 16kmpl - 18kmpl is accepted normally. This could also increase if the engine and the vehicle are kept in good condition.

Rommy   2015-06-10

The mileage that is advertised is 20.63 km per liter for the Datsun GO, and this is on the standard conditions on the smooth roads, minimum payload, and the traffic density. The newness of the engine makes the mileage to be 16.7 KM. If you get something around 18 km per liter, then this is decent. After the second service you need to get the right mileage. The efficiency is also great.

komal   2015-07-02

This car has been developed with the first time car buyers in the mind. And it has been proved that the car offers the decent mileage, which offers 20.36 km per liter. The mileage of 18 km per liter is accepted normally. The engine performance is also good, and the owners need to keep in good maintenance. The 5 speed manual transmission gearbox offers the smooth drive. The ride is comfortable.

Saksh   2015-07-04

It seems that Datsun has really done a decent job when it comes to the fuel efficiency of the Datsun GO model. The engine of this car has been tuned in such an effective way that the user at hand is sure to get a good mileage while on the road. This hatchback is powered by an 1198cc petrol engine which seems to have been mated with an efficient 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. The ARAI seems to claim a certified mileage of 20.6kmpl for the Datsun GO. Such a premium mileage figure makes this car suitable for long distance journeys.

Kanchan   2015-08-06

It's quite fair enough to say that every Indian rider wants to possess a car that not only has an excellent performance level but also a decent fuel economy; precisely speaking, the Datsun GO+ MPV sums up as a fuel efficient car that does not face any kind of problem to go the extra distance. The most attractive feature might be the fact that this is not only a spacious car that can accommodate at least seven passengers, but is also an economical car. Surprisingly though, it seems that the mileage figure of this ride stand at an approximate 20.3kmpl.

Shiv   2015-08-13

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