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Why does my car have suffocating fuel smell in the morning?

By: Anees cp on 2017-24-08

1 Answers:

Smelling fuel from your car is a very serious issue. There are many potential causes for it, the common ones are ? engine could be running rich (bad O2 sensor, happens more just upon startup). Some issue with the fuel system (tank leak, line leak etc.). Another thing to consider as well is that the carbon canister, a part associated with your emissions system on the vehicle, could be clogged or is overwhelmed with too much fuel, thus may be backing up fuel which in turn is leaking and causing the smell. If you are in the habit of "topping off" your tank (that is, filling up that last extra bit after the fuel pump switches off automatically) this is bound to happen. I advise you to take your car to your local Nissan service center for proper diagnosis and solution without any delay.

vipin    2017-24-08

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