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I am highly disappointed with the mileage of Datsun Redi-Go, I was told that it delivers a mileage of at least 18 kmpl but I am getting only 10 kmpl in Mumbai city without using AC, why is it so?

By: Shanty on 2018-10-02

1 Answers:

Mumbai has been featured in the list of top 10 cities with the worst traffic conditions in the world. Traffic queues are long there and vehicles move very slowly. A car travelling through congested traffic tends to consume more fuel than one which is travelling at constant reasonable speeds. In congested traffic conditions a car consumes almost 20% – 30% more fuel than the normal traffic conditions. The critical issue is low gear ratios (gear 1-2) and higher engine revolutions which create a bigger load on an engine and demand on the energy source which is fuel.

So, if the dealer has told that your Redi-GO will deliver 18 kmpl then expect it to deliver around 12-13 kmpl in a city like Mumbai. You can improve your car’s fuel efficiency (10 kmpl) by 3-4 kmpl by switching off its engine where traffic is not moving for a little while and accelerate more gently at take offs.

Lokesh Chandra    2018-10-02

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