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About DC Cars

DC is a well acclaimed automobile company which is founded by Dilip Chhabria. This company brings its various products to all high level auto shows such as Auto Expo, Geneva Motor Show, Tokyo Motor Show, Paris Motors Show, Detroit Motors Show and Frankfurt Motors Show every year. DC has made more than 600 portfolios for innovative and latest car models or other vehicles. The prototype and style quality of DC is truly a benchmark for the best designs in the world. DC products range from luxury vans, buses, cars, special vehicles, recreational vehicles and passenger buses. In India, DC has launched 1 car namely DC Avanti.

DC Avanti In India:
DC Avanti is a beautiful luxury car model that costs 25, 00,000 INR. This was the first super car by DC. Company has launched DC Avanti at the Auto Expo at New Delhi. It was the 11th auto expo in India. With this launch, DC has amazed everyone available at the event. This supercar was uncovered by Bollywood superstar Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. This beautiful supercar has hit the road of India in 2013. It is powered by DOHC 2.0 L 4 cylinder 16 valves VVT engine. This engine produces 240 bhp highest power with 366 Nm torque.

Features Of DC Avanti:
DC Avanti has 2.0 L engine that is furnished with EcoBoost technology. This technology improves the power and enhances driving experience. It makes driving highly enjoyable and delightful. It features 250 kmph top speed and has attractive features. It is loaded with several safety features like anti-lock braking system and airbags. DC Avanti comes with an exciting price tag for Rs. 30 Lakh. It is a supercar that does not offer high mileage, but definitely it features decent fuel efficiency. Avanti churns out 10-14 kmpl mileage that is hard to get in any other supercar.

Upcoming DC Car Models:
In Auto Expo, DC design has wrapped off it another outrageous car model namely Eleron SUV. This SUV is a top 4 seater open car and has long lines, overlapping surfaces and curved edges. At the front side of this Eleron SUV, you will see an aggressive grille. The profile appears as Targa sportscar. It wears attractive wheels which are 22 inches wide and 285 tyre sections. Ventilated brakes of this car handle braking duties. This system is accompanied with ESP and ABS. Apart of these features, it has 4 leather seats with wooden cabin.

For details, visit - DC's official website.


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DC-modified Cars

Automotive lovers would have definitely heard of DC in India and the astonishing cars it produces. However, if you have not, know that DC Design is an Indian design firm that specializes in making concept cars and prototypes. DC stands for its owner’s name, Dilip Chhabria. You should check out DC car images to see how spectacular their cars are. The outer look of their cars not only looks amazing, but also gives you an idea of the product’s robustness.

DC Cars in India

DC Design is a super-specialized firm and there are not many DC car models in India. For instance, there are hardly any DC Design Safari Storme or DC Design Wagon R in India. Similarly, you cannot know about the DC Fortuner price in India for sure because there are not many DC car models for this make. However, to see which DC automobiles are available in India and the DC cars price list, Autoportal will prove very helpful. Moreover, if there is any DC car model that is definitely available in India at present, it is DC Avanti. It is one of the masterpieces from the company and DC car prices for it are truly justified.

Why buy DC Cars?

DC Cars price in India are relatively high but compared with the exclusivity that comes with it, people go head over heels for DC Cars. But the question is, what makes it so unique?

  1. If you are into sports cars and do not like riding with a lot of people, DC car models might be perfect for you. The cars are efficient and there is a capacity for seating 2 people in most of the DC cars.

  2. Understandably enough, you would be expecting advancements in the DC latest car. Thankfully, since DC invests heavily in innovation, you can always count on them for top-notch technical features in their latest cars.

  3. Concept cars are always cutting-edge design and DC cars are no different. Slick designs and contemporary outlook mark the benchmark for all DC vehicles.

A Bit More About the DC Cars for Sale

We have seen how Avanti is the only DC car available in India. Well, it’s also the first ever Indian-made sports car. Therefore, if you wish to know about its compatibility, you might want to compare it with others from Ford, Lamborghini and Audi. DC Design cars have the latest navigation systems and DC Car prices in India are relatively lower than that of its competitors. Hence, if you fancy a sports car but Lamborghini Huracan or Audi R8 seems out of reach, DC cars might be the close-to-perfect substitute for you. Then, another thing that is common across most sports cars, including DC and its competitors, is the fact that they have an electric power steering. Other features and specs differ from company to company.

On the whole though, DC performs almost as well as most luxury sports cars out there. You might want to compare DC Avanti vs Rolls-Royce Dawn or DC Avanti vs Ford Mustang, but then, each have its own charm and special features to offer. It mostly comes down to the prices and if you compare DC cars prices list in India with those of the mentioned competitors, you will notice a visible difference. Understandably enough, DC Design cars are more affordable. Moreover, since it is made in India, its structure and features would be well adjusted to the driving needs of the country. For example, the fuel it consumes, the instrumentation and comfort will be what the Indian drivers demand.

Even though there is only one DC Car available in India at the moment, DC fans should not feel disheartened. DC Design has a good portfolio and it is about time that Indian drivers will relish driving a DC car on Indian roads. With highly competitive DC car prices in India, it could get into the list of one of the leading local sports car manufacturing companies.

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