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Ferrari 458 Speciale

Overall rating: 4.5 10 reviews |  Write a Review
 4.25 Cr*

*Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi


Ferrari 458 Speciale Key Features

Aerodynamic Ferrari 458 Speciale


458 Speciale's Coefficient Is The Highest In Ferrari Production Car History: 1.50

Sporty Seats Ferrari 458 Speciale

Sporty Seats

The backrests and seats are padded with a breathable 3D fabric for superb air circulation and comfort.

F1-Style Cockpit Ferrari 458 Speciale

F1-Style Cockpit

Cockpit Designed To Underscore Ferrari’s Formula 1-Inspired Philosophy Of Creating A Seamless Relationship Between Driver And Car.

Key Features will be different from variant to variant View all Specifications & Features»


  • Screaming performance
  • World-class handling
  • Brilliant transmission


  • Unintuitive placement of turn signals and other controls
  • No conventional manual transmission on offer
  • Convoluted gauge cluster

Ferrari 458 Speciale Prices in India

Ferrari 458 Speciale price in India starts at Rs. 4.25 cr for petrol variant Coupe and goes up to Rs. 4.25 cr for Coupe.

Ferrari is not a company that relies on its vehicles anymore. Owning a Ferrari car is a privilege in itself and for that matter owning any Ferrari would be on the bucket list of most of the people at  . . .  Read more»

360° View

Ferrari 458 Speciale 360° View

  • Exterior

Exterior 360° Degree View

Want to have a feel of how the Ferrari 458 Speciale exterior looks like? This 360° degree view lets you check the outer details of the car without even visiting a showroom. Enjoy a lifelike experience of how this car looks like from all angles. Check out how the grille, bumpers, headlights, side-view mirrors, indicators, tail lamps, etc., are carved out on the car body. This 360° degree view helps you see the design of doors and handles, pillars, windows, and the rear profile of the car. This is exactly how your new Ferrari 458 Speciale will appear. To get a glimpse of the exterior of Ferrari 458 Speciale from all around, drag the image to the left or right to rotate the car.

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Specifications

Ferrari 458 Speciale mileage varies from 9 kmpl for Automatic Petrol variant Coupe to 9 kmpl for Automatic Petrol variant Coupe. Check out the claimed ARAI mileage for different Ferrari 458 Speciale variants:

Variant name Mileage
Fuel Economy claimed by the manufacturer, generally quoted in KMPL (Kilometres Per Litre) format.
Common term 'Gear System', essentially a mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the drive shaft.
It is the maximum capacity of an engine by volume. Usually quoted in 'CC' or 'Cubic Capacity' (1000cc = 1 Litre).
Features/equipment in an automobile that ensure safety of passengers as well as pedestrians.
Ex-Showroom Price
It's the price of an automobile exclusive of duties, taxes, depot charges, and insurance. To get on-road price, click on the 'Get Onroad Price' button.
Coupe 9 kmplAutomatic4497 ccABS, Airbags 5, Child Safety Locks 4.25 Cr *

*Ex-Showroom Price range in New Delhi

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Reviews (10)

Ferrari It is

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Amar Singh on 03 December 2015
This car is awesome. Its my 1st year owning it and I have to tell you there is nothing that can compare to this ferrari. Just the name and model says it all. It's a fantastic vehicle, all you can possibly imagine. While a few tenths of a second off the 0-60 pace of a Corvette Z06 or a Nissan GT-R, those...  Read More »

The best car

Overall rating: 4.5 Reviewed By: Kanan Deep Kaur on 22 November 2015
There’s pretty much nothing else to complain about, because the 458 Spider is a spectacular car. We’ve said as much about the coupe version, the 458 Italia, after every encounter. I could find any drawback in this car. Engine works very well, it never gets heated up. Amazing leg room and head space....  Read More »

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Overview

Ferrari is not a company that relies on its vehicles anymore. Owning a Ferrari car is a privilege in itself and for that matter owning any Ferrari would be on the bucket list of most of the people at this very moment. What is so special about the company and what makes its cars so desirable are questions which can be answered in an unending explanation detailing the intricate aspects of automobile engineering.
Ferrari 458 Speciale Overview
But what we can rather do is let you in on the review of one of Ferrari’s finest, Ferrari 458 Italia. The official site of Ferrari still writes in capitals, colour and Bold ‘Over 30 International Awards’. That should give a gist of the accomplishments of this vehicle. To name a few of those awards, Best Supercar of the Year by GQ, Car of the Year by Top Gear. A lot more can be said about what has been said about this remarkable piece of automobile wonder. The vehicle powers one of the most powerful engines in the world at this very moment. The engine itself looks like an experimental spaceship, no pun intended. The car reaches a speed of 100 kmph in 3.4 second. The car itself features enough curves to make a beauty jealous. Be it the lamps, the wheel arches, the roaring sound that comes and goes in the span of a blink of the eye.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Exterior

If the design of the Ferrari 458 Speciale is not the visual staple diet for any automobile enthusiast, something is seriously wrong with them. The car looks spectacular to say the least. The front fascia offers a somewhat interesting look to those who are acquainted with usual designs. Sporting a mid rear engine position, the front does not contain a massive grill.
Ferrari 458 Speciale Exterior
It instead offers minute vents that simply work their way in offering an exceptional aerodynamic agility. The front is visually divided into two parts. The section over the bonnet through the headlamps and the section beneath it with the darker shades for exhaust system. The muscles of the vehicle can be seen on the wheel arches and headlamps extend well above the design frame. With an open mind, one can notice an evil face in the front fascia which just justifies the mean power the vehicle comes with. The side profile offers a beautiful out of the dreams design. Ferrari 458 Speciale Exterior
The curves rise and fall in all the appropriate areas. The ground clearance in improved in the mid section allowing it to be ridden even on troublesome roads. The curves extend well beyond the usuall and the most interesting part is the design of rear wheel arches. The rear wheel arches fall almost under the same width and design, strength as the front wheel arches. This offers a crisscross design palette to the vehicle. The rear fascia looks equally magnificent With two tail lamps visually connected by a black design element sporting the stallion in silver, the car has triple exhaust system just below the name plate in the rear section. Viewing the design extensions throughout the vehicle make it even more desirable that riding it just takes the appeal to a whole new level. The way the rider feels inside the vehicle is an experience beyond words.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Interior

Ferrari 458 Speciale offers what is hands down the most amazing interiors ever brought by Ferrari or for that matter any other car arguably. The front seats are beyond the limits of usual ergonomics and simply calling them sporty seats would be an understatement. It is as if Ferrari researched over creating the perfect seat for the rider. Ferrari is a stallion and the seats definitely feel like top notch saddle. The interiors can be customized in terms of look as per the customer’s requirement. The interiors sport best in class air conditioning system, mesmerizing sound system and most of all highly lauded controls.
Ferrari 458 Speciale Interior
The instrument panel, controls, notification clusters and everything in general are positioned with respect to the driver enabling them to have a perfectly controlled ride. The co driver practically has nothing but the ait vents to control. The vehicle even includes the navigation system along with the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. The steering wheel itself is a different story all together. With a morphed circular design and sheer brilliant interior design around it, riding the car does feel like a simulation to a space ride. All in all, the interiors are different from other Ferraris in a good way, Comfort and Convenience are a definite class defining features.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Engine & Transmission

Ferrari 458 Speciale houses a 4497cc V8 engine. This is notable since it is the first direct injection engine by Ferrari that is mid rear mounted. The vehicle is powerful enough to generate a maximum output of 561.88 bhp. The engine is a dry sump 90 degree and it is an entire new design capable of reaching a maximum of 9000 rpm. The vehicle is powerful enough to generate a 540 Nm torque at 6000 rpm. The car engine is designed in terms of the F1 racing environment. Generating enough power to give the best of race cars a run for their money, the company created the engine to facilitate maximum fluid dynamic efficiency keeping the international emission standards under consideration. The piston compression height in the engine was reduced to give out that race car performance to the car. To achieve the same the compression rings are made thinner and graphite coating is applied to the piston skirt so that the friction between the piston and the liner are minimised as much as possible.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Mileage

The Ferrari 458 Speciale sports the engine that is capable of not only offering record setting speeds but also impressive fuel efficiency. The car offers an average mileage of 7.518 kmpl. The emission standards of the vehicle are also made as practical as possible with 307 gms of CO2 emitted for every kilometre.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Braking and Safety

Ferrari 458 Speciale offers best in class safety features and the E-Diff3 and recently ubiquitous in Ferrari Universe, F1-Trac assure the driver has complete control over the stallion. The high performance ABS allows the vehicle to go across those swift curves without damaging itself.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Performance and Handling

Ferrari 458 Speciale reaches a top speed higher than 325 kmph while the time taken by it to reach the mark of 100 kmph is mere 3.4 seconds. The beauty of Ferrari in terms of mechanics, lies in its gearbox system. With dual clutch technology, the intelligent distribution of the fuel is arranged allowing the vehicle to shift through even and odd gears in a systematic quick way. Due to this innovative design, the gear shifting time is virtually zero despite the use of paddle shifters. The key advantage to this technology though is that there is no interruption in the engine torque to the driven wheels no matter how fast the vehicle is going. Thus there is a superior handling control of the vehicle in the hands of the driver. The response time of the gear shifts is also improved to be better than the pre existing Ferraris. The electronic differential, E-Diff3 allows in reducing the weight of the gearbox making it a considerably lighter unit.

What do we think about Ferrari 458 Speciale?

If performance is the thing you’re looking for, look no further. If anyone can ever buy a Ferrari, the Ferrari 458 Italia is THE car to go for. Though there might always be those looking for the wind in the hair appeal who can obviously vouch for Ferrari California T.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Competitors

The key competitor to Ferrari 458 Speciale is the Ferrari California T. The convertible counterpart offers similar pick up and significantly cooler visual appeal with the whole metal retractable roof going on for itself. Other than that Lamborghini Gallardo offers a close competition to the vehicle in terms of looks though in the race for supercar, Ferrari still holds the edge at some level or the other.

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