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How is the interiros of Ferrari Italia?

By: Zahra on 2014-18-10

3 Answers:

The instrument panel consist of two leather trimmed shells which outline the clean, overlaping forms from which the aluminium structure emerges that house the instruments. The center console features a sculptural aluminium casting which houses the F1 gearshift panel and its dynamic controls viz the launch control button, reverse, and the auto switch to put the gearbox in automatic mode. The styling of steering wheel is changed by eliminating indicator and wiper stalks and clusturing all controls on the steering wheel. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-18-10

The Ferrari 458 Itallia showcases the advanced Italian automobile design that is focused not only on the looks, but also how to reduce the drag so that more speed can be wrenched out of this car. The aerodynamic model comes with flanks and tops of the rear wheel arches that naturally channel the air flow to the intakes above the tail to reduce the air resistance. To improver the center of gravity, the gearbox and clutch oil radiators have been moved from the sill area to rear of the engine compartment. The body of the car is so designed that it flanks rising from rear of front wheel arch before droping half way along the door to the rear wheel arch thereby improving the aerodynamic nature of the body.

Hitesh    2014-27-11

"The seat shells and interior door panels are carbon fiber, and there are some wonderful examples of fresh detail design in the new interior door handles and the blade-like console of buttons for the transmission and launch control. Ferrari’s purpose-driven redesign even takes in the seat fabric, which is lighter and more breathable than on a standard Italia."

ujjwal    2015-01-01

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