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Ferrari 458 Speciale Reviews

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10 Ferrari 458 Speciale User Reviews

Ferrari It is

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Amar Singh on 3 december 2015
This car is awesome. Its my 1st year owning it and I have to tell you there is nothing that can compare to this ferrari. Just the name and model says it all. It's a fantastic vehicle, all you can possibly imagine. While a few tenths of a second off the 0-60 pace of a Corvette Z06 or a Nissan GT-R...  Read More »

The best car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Kanan Deep Kaur on 22 november 2015
There’s pretty much nothing else to complain about, because the 458 Spider is a spectacular car. We’ve said as much about the coupe version, the 458 Italia, after every encounter. I could find any drawback in this car. Engine works very well, it never gets heated up. Amazing leg room and head spa...  Read More »

Sports car with a sleek look

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Arund Khurana on 12 october 2015
Ferrari 458 Speciale I would call like it sleek look sports car, having distinctive attributes and features which are apart from this world along with the power and style customer have been looking for. The furnishing of the car is superbly designed with the fantastic body revolutionizing the spo...  Read More »

The best selection of my life

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Tulip Verma on 18 september 2015
I own Ferrari 458 Italia, is a high end luxury convertible model which comes equipped with hundreds of comfort, safety and styling features. The appearance of this luxurious car is astonishing and its interior has ultra advanced features, there is also an issue with this car that, the less number...  Read More »

Sleek Looking Sports Car

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Arvind Khurana on 3 august 2014
Ferrari 458 Italia is an amazing looking sports car that encompasses the best of the both world that is power and style. The gorgeous chiseled body of this car can put any other car to shame. Its furnishing superbly complements the fantastic body of this car. It spacious bubble-like cockpit is eq...  Read More »

sound of engine sets heart beating

Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: Siddharta on 28 july 2014
I took the 458 out and launced in in reverse at 9000 rpm... simply to form certain it might do boot turns at a becon moment. It did however detected a crunch, do not know what that was all regarding. Then i attempted a pointy left close up the route at two hundred MPH... ooopsie... poor the left ...  Read More »

Beautiful Machine

Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: Swapan on 27 july 2014
some friends of mine had taken it four wheeling, and brought it back very scraped and damaged. abundant to our surprise, It didn't handle well on the rocky trails. that is after I questioned my purchase. therefore i believed well i will simply repair it, clothed to be terribly expensive. however...  Read More »

Intense Power

Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: Usha on 26 july 2014
I have one and that i adore it, may be a sleeping beast a waiting to be waken up and simply.......s the road, the exhaust noise is sort of a F1 car, and affirmative you'll be able to get raid of meter if you prefer it, therefore you do not shrewdness quick you're going. you only got to have one t...  Read More »

Amazingly fast car

Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: Mahesh on 25 july 2014
The 458 Italy is gorgeous. it's sort of a snake from several angles, due to the vertical headlamp clusters that appear as if fangs and black winglets on the front grille that gibe a snake's forked tongue. The automobile encompasses a short, short bonnet and a spacious bubble-like cockpit that, no...  Read More »

Racing Bird

Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: Rameshwar on 24 july 2014
Ferrari ownership has been about compromise. A Ferrari is purposeful, racing-bird technology made to work well on the road, but it comes at a price, both literally and figuratively. Ferraris are expensive car to own and maintain, and for that reason, So many people only use them selectively to ...  Read More »

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