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About Ferrari

The brand Ferrari is synonymous to luxury, glamour and wealth in the automobile market. Primarily based in Maranello, Italy, Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer that is today renowned all over the world. The company came into existence in 1928 under the able leadership of Enzo Ferrari, who had a dream to manufacture the most elite yet speedy car that would win races. While the car was successful on the tracks, winning most races across the European continent, the company had its troubled financial times between the 1940’s and the 1970’s.


Ferrari primarily launched itself as a car manufacturer to design racing cars. Launched in 1988, the Ferrari F 40 garnered a lot of acclaims and even till date, the car is known to be one of the best sports cars ever. Ferrari was acquired by Fiat in the late 1980’s and this was when the company started to further penetrate into many other countries in Europe and Asia. Ferrari was predominantly operating as a manufacturer of luxury sports cars for racing. The first passenger car wasn’t made until 1947 and this first passenger car was the 125S.


Today, Ferrari holds an interest in bicycles, perfumes, watches and electronics along with continuing its hold in the sports car market.


Foundation of Ferrari - The Expansion


When Enzo Ferrari first thought of incorporating his company, Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, he was not even close to the thought of making cars for the roads. His heart belonged to the race tracks and that’s where he wanted all of his cars to be. Headquartered in Modena, the company initially functioned as the racing division of Alfa Romeo racing cars. In 1993, when Alfa Romeo withdrew its in-house racing team, Ferrari took over its works team and this was also the time when Ferrari first experienced the automotive industry’s realities.


The Ferrari factory moved to Maranello in 1943 amidst all the chaos that World War II had left back. The first passenger cars built by Ferrari was sold in the market to fund Scuderia Ferrari. This part of the brand dealt with the sports racing cars and was regarded as a separate division from Ferrari, as a brand that would manufacture consumer cars for the real roads.


The acquisitions and expansions in Ferrari started in the year 1969 when Fiat took a 50% stake in the company. This led to an increase in the available investment funds and the production immediately started. After several years, Ferrari is an independent brand once again, with 10% of the stake being sold in an IPO in 2015.


Ferrari Car Photos


The super luxurious Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari is always in the news. Whether it is about the Ferrari latest car or the Ferrari car design, there is always something unique about this car brand that keeps people all over the world intrigued. That is why even the Ferrari remote control cars are always a rage among the kids. If you look at the Ferrari car images, you wouldn’t be able to help but get amazed at how the cars have transformed into these super stylish and luxurious cars of today that are considered more of a status symbol than an automobile. One thing that you definitely cannot deny about Ferrari car wallpapers is that these pictures are quite evocative and you are bound to get engrossed in them.


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Ferrari Cars - FAQs


1. How much does a Ferrari car cost?

Ferrari cars is a premium brand and to own a Ferrari, you will definitely have to spend a lot of money. Of course, the classiness of the car can match up to Ferrari car price in India, the fact still remains that every Ferrari car is expensive. The Ferrari Portofino is the most affordable Ferrari model in India that is priced at INR 3.50 crores. This is the Ferrari lowest price car in India.


2. Which is the most expensive Ferrari car?

If you are looking for the best Ferrari, you definitely should look for the Ferrari most expensive car. While there are some very premium cars that the company sells in India, the most expensive Ferrari, which is Ferrari 250 GTO is not available in India. This top model of Ferrari car price is at 52 million USD. The Ferrari car highest price in India is INR 5.20 Crores and both Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and Ferrari 812 are listed at that price.


3. Which was the first Ferrari car to be launched?

The first Ferrari to be launched was the Ferrari 125S. This was way back in 1947. The car was powered by a 1.5-litre V12 engine. This was a two-seater sports car and one of the firsts to be launched with a five-speed transmission. Only three cars were manufactured at that time and that’s what makes this Ferrari model rarest.


4. How many Ferrari cars are manufactured each year?

The production of Ferrari cars per year has increased over the years. In the 1990s, the company manufactured about 4000 cars annually and that moved up to 5000 cars in 2005. The company has now capped the production at 7000 cars annually to maintain the demand as well as to preserve the build quality.


5. Who owns Ferrari Gold car?

The Ferrari Gold Car is owned by Ferrari, which is a public-owned company with 10% stake of Piero Ferrari, son of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the company. Ferrari was owned by Fiat for most of its history; however, the company prospered more as a public listed company.


6. Are Ferrari cars easy to maintain?

Ferrari cars are premium cars. They are expensive and high on maintenance. The car needs regular checks and service to keep it at its best, and the maintenance cost is typically on the higher side.


7. Are Ferrari cars easy to repair?

As the production of Ferrari cars is not on a large scale, the repair costs involved are quite high. Also, it is not easy to find spare parts of the cars in case they require major repairs.


8. What does the SF on the Ferrari Shield logo stand for?

The SF stands for Scuderia Ferrari. This was Ferrari’s racing team formed by Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari’s founder, much before he started manufacturing cars.


9. Where are Ferrari’s headquarters?

Ferrari is headquartered at Via Alfredo Dino Ferrari, Maranello MO, Italy.


10. What is special about the Ferrari factory in Italy?

The main Ferrari factory is located in Maranello, Italy. This factory is a massive production complex with a museum, a restaurant and gardens.