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How is the design of exteriors of Ferrari California?

By: Gaurakh on 2014-01-10

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8 Answers:

When you think of Ferrari, first thing comes to mind is its logo and its perfect styling that induces desire to posses one. The shape of Ferrari California is made with pontoon fender styling with front wing stretching back towards the compact , muscular rear and bringing an aerodynamic sleekness and movement to the sides.The front grille lends the car and aura of power and sportiness. Sleek bonnet emphasises muscular wings on either side which incorporates headlights and two characterstic vents dissipate hot air from engine.The rear features new horrizontal styling element. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-01-10

This elegant sports car with its aerodynamic stealth look makes it stand out as an innovative design that combines power with sportiness. Its low ground hugging profile increases its centre of gravity, thereby making it one of the better handled cars even in high speed. The body of this perfect sports car is so designed that it minimizes the drag to deliver you the experience of pure speed. It comes with a retractable metallic roof that can be stored in the trunk of this car, which will allow you to enjoy the rushing air on a sunny day.

Raghav    2014-31-10

The Ferrari California is having an awesome exterior which makes it better looking and performing as well. The car has got an aerodynamic shape which makes it a pleasure to drive. The vehicle has got a good ground clearance. The body of the Ferrari is streamlined and carved. The car has been crafted to make it effortless and flawless. The Ferrari California is effortless and never tired at all. It looks for keep on working all the time.

Naveen    2015-04-08

I am agreed with the same, My Ferrari California is a luxurious and awesome in terms of exterior design. The metallic design of the vehicle makes it very good. It is lacking on sunroof option which is not very good, at least this much expensive car should have these basic options included. It has projector with Xenon headlights with fog lamps, rear defogger with alloy wheels and body colored bumpers.

Aviral    2015-06-08

I am agreeing with the above answer, the Ferrari California is having a great dimension and a luxurious design, the convertible car is having a length of 45963 mm which makes it longer and along with a width of 1902 mm and a height of 1308 mm, and it makes it look perfect. It has a low ground clearance, aerodynamic shape, ergonomically designed exterior and headlamps with Xenon headlamps are a complete combo.

Farukh    2015-08-08

Yes guys, The Ferrari California has got a generous grille lends the power and sportiness. It has muscular wings which incorporate into the headlights along with some vents. The auspicious colors range available makes it like no one better than this attitude. Its aerodynamic design and sleekness with the five spoke wheels gives an ultimate design quotient to the diva coupe. The falling front looks awesome on it and having a very generous style to complement the beauty of the car.

Upen    2015-11-08

I am agreeing with you guys, the California coupe from Ferrari is having very good styling and design features. It has no sun-roof option which is a lacking feature but since it is a convertible so it doesn’t matters a lot, one can open the upper deck to get more than what sun roof provides. The five spoke wheels and the larger wheelbase make it look cool and awesome over the car.

kanisk    2015-12-08

The internally adjustable OVRMs, body colored bumper, Bi-Xenon Headlamps, rear spoiler, front and rear fog lamps, rear defogger, alloy wheels with 5-spokes looks excellent. The car is having a heighted top and heighted rear but in between it has a lower rear design which looks different when the retractable hard top has been closed. With lid closed it has a car like look which is good looking. The California is having a very good exterior from all the angles.

Roshan    2015-14-08

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