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Ferrari California T Reviews

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16 Ferrari California T User Reviews

Amazing Car

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Himanshu Pandey on 12 november 2015
The seats and dash are new too: looking good, working well, and clad in Ferrari’s characteristically fragrant leather. The roof-down boot isn’t a bad size, and extends by dropping the rear seat backs. It really is a surprisingly practical thing for a prancing horse-badges super car. New exterior ...  Read More »

Well designed

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Karan Suri on 13 october 2015
Perfectly design beyond the expectations of the customers Ferrari California T with few problems while driving the car and it would include lower ground clearance but it would be providing comfortable driving experience. Behind the rear seat Ferrari California T is provided with the eject – able ...  Read More »

An admirable convertible car

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Lalil Mehta on 16 september 2015
My cousin brought this convertible car few weeks back and I also drove it two three times, its power and acceleration is like a jet engine, and the ride quality is outstanding as well as the best aspect of this vehicle which I like the most is its handling and road grip, there is no vibration eve...  Read More »

Well designed

Overall rating: 3.50 Reviewed By: karan suri on 9 august 2015
Yes agree Asaad Hasan that, the car has low ground clearance but according to me its comfort features could be enhance. The Ferrari has eject-able roll bars are hidden behind the rear seats, with a small deployment time as well. In addition to this, an electrically operated parking brake saves th...  Read More »

Expensively built

Overall rating: 3.50 Reviewed By: Asaad hasan on 8 august 2015
Actually I’m not agreeing with suddharth that it has limited rear seated but I feel comfortable at back. Ferrari had to build the design and heavily utilizing aluminum alloys and carbon fiber to reduce weight while also increasing the strength of the outer shell, the exterior look like the same s...  Read More »

Sounds incredible

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: siddharth Sharma on 7 august 2015
Yes I do agree with vinay comment that, it has low mileage and fuel economy. But simply I’m in love with it interior and comfort such as luxurious sporty feel on the inside as leather and high-grade plastics, the 2 rear seats feel a little cramped and is fit for only small children or short peopl...  Read More »

Engine delivers a poor mileage.

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: vinay gupta on 6 august 2015
Yes I do agree with Deepak statement that, the car has powerful engine and performance. But it has not fuel efficiency and very low mileage. This engine delivers the mileage of 8 kmpl in city and 10 kmpl on highways. Its dynamics are refined to host the very finest elegance in its build and in it...  Read More »

Ultimate easy to drive

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Deepak pujari on 5 august 2015
The Ferrari California is capable of a displacement value of 4300cc.maximum torque of 755 Nm at 4750 and a maximum power of 412 kW at 7500 rpm. It takes just 3.6 seconds for the California's engine to propel it from a 0 kmph to a 100 kmph. The top speed of this car is 314 kmph. The California eng...  Read More »

Awesome interior and exterior

Overall rating: 3.75 Reviewed By: Yash kapoor on 24 july 2015
Yes I do agree with Akhilesh that Ferrari need more torque and performance. California T had a many of optional carbon fiber trim pieces includes the central connection that houses three control buttons (launch, auto mode and reverse), convention cover and stitching trim. At the same time as the ...  Read More »

Take the ultimate Ferrari experience

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Akhilesh k. mishra on 22 july 2015
Ferrari California T is a more Ferrari-looking car than the initial generations. Front and rear look like they belong together and there's a more tapering subsequent. The interior has had an update too, with a new screen and a variety of bits and pieces. The California T has four airbags, ABS, tr...  Read More »
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