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Ferrari FF Reviews (7)

Perfect aerodynamic shape

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Rohan (Guest) on 16 October 2014
It has been designed to perfection. Aerodynamic parameters are taken care so much so that the over all drag coefficient is as low as 0.329.Its the highest efficiency achieved ever. Aggressive styling yet very sleek body panels s makes it a stand apart type from others. A world famous branding and performance...  Read More »

Superb sports car

Overall rating: 3 Reviewed By: Adi Barman on 05 January 2015
We call Ferrari FF a wonder in the realm of autos. It has a low-slung design that is most basic in Ferrari autos. It also has a low ground leeway that can harm the undercarriage if you take it to unpaved streets or to even street conditions with more route protuberances or rainwater-filled streets. The...  Read More »

Ultimate driving experience

Overall rating: 4.5 Reviewed By: Tapasvi (Guest) on 17 December 2014
It is one of the technical marvels in the world of cars. The Ferrari innovation 4RM system transmits torque to all four wheels. It allows for mid center engine architecture of with rear transaxle connected to the engine by a single drive shaft.With this the power transfer unit for front wheels is connected...  Read More »

Thrill to drive

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Rohan (Guest) on 20 November 2014
It’s a perfect thrill to drive this car. You are assured of complete safety along with enjoyment of high speed driving. Ferrari offers 7 years free service. That means you need not spend anything on maintenance except that of consumables. Also huge power of 650PS and Torque of around 600N is instantly...  Read More »

Luxurious Interiors

Overall rating: 4.25 Reviewed By: Pawan (Guest) on 18 November 2014
One of the fastest cars in the world and the name itself ignites a sort of excitement for its performance. It’s a dream car for many. Every detail has been given high priority. The interiors detailing are done as per customers desires. Ferrari provides assistance in choosing various combination of leather...  Read More »

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Ferrari FF Overview

The Ferrari FF is a sport coupe that represents a new and changed style of Ferrari. The company is known for its ultimate street racers that boast of classic style and appealing design like the Testarossa, F40, the GT Berlinetta and the GTO.
Ferrari FF Overview
This time, Ferrari has stepped into a new segment of functional cars that fit in rapidly changing auto industry. After seeing the warmth welcome of Panamera coupe by the Porsche, the Ferrari started considering to develop such a car that should be fully performance oriented and has luxury appeal. Along with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi also took part in this competition by introducing giant models relevant to beat Ferrari FF.

Ferrari FF Exterior

This car resembles a stumpy wagon station and has a long size front nose, subtle overhangs, low grille, a beautiful cabin and solid wheel wells on it body. For some people, the rear and cabin end may look a bit spherical and long.
Ferrari FF Exterior
So, it won’t have sporty or petite feel. However, the style is definitely distinctive that gives it an iconic appearance. It is designed with sophisticated, streamlined and sleek design with simple 2 horizontal and vertical 5 grille slats.

Ferrari FF Interior

Ferrari FF is made of comfortable interior with some rough edges. In the luxury seats of the FF, the passengers and the driver can fit firmly. For adults who have 6 feet height can comfortable adjust in the back due to its spacious leg and head room.
Ferrari FF Interior
For comforting, the suspension serves fine job on the road and retains the taut agility. However, the engine is vocal, but it does not create any discomfort to commuters.

Ferrari FF Engine & Transmission

Ferrari FF is powered by a classic V12 engine that has 6.3 L capacity and churns out 651 bhp peak power. The power of this engine was previously experienced in 599 GTB and the Enzo. This epic engine features direct injection technique with stop-start for 25% emission enhancement on 612 that results into 360 g/km CO2 figure.
Ferrari FF Engine & Transmission
The gear power makes it a ballistic motor and serves fully effortless driving quality. The engine features 504lb ft maximum torque at 1750 rpm. As a result, it delivers 0 to 62 mph speed in only 3.7 seconds.

Ferrari FF Mileage

The Ferrari FF is a car that every car lover would love to own. It makes a journey full of joy and offers excellent agility. It is a quiet vehicle that is engineered with large size fuel tank and offers 18.3 mpg average. The FF reaches the speed of 0 to 62 mph in only 3.7 seconds and top speed featured by this car is 208 mph. It features 360 g/km CO2 and 18.3 mpg.

Ferrari FF Braking and Safety

This revolutionary sports car has much improved safety and braking technology that supports users to control the speed at its high level with an ease. Moreover, it comes with 7 years of servicing for free that means, you won’t have to worry about maintenance of this epic car for at least 7 years. It features impeccable finish and internal fit. The precise design of this car provides great peace to users. It is loaded with exceptional braking features and safety elements that encourage confident driving on this car.

Ferrari FF Performance and Handling

As far as performance is concerned, Ferrari FF delivers marvellous performance on the road. You would love the speed and racing quality of this car. The handling features are also fantastic. The clutches of this model manages traction as well as offer torque vector which enhances the handling capability. The Ferrari system is very light weight and compact. The steering corruption of this model is completely reduced.

What do we think about Ferrari FF?

In Ferrari FF, you will see several new features like panoramic sunroof and reflective special glass that helps keeping external heat away from affecting this car. It is a practical model of Ferrari that comes in hatchback design, usable 4 seats and cargo area at rear. The price tag is very hefty, yet for real speed lover, it is not an issue of course.

Ferrari FF Competitors

Ferrari FF is a super car that ranks at first position in the market due to its exceptional design, features and specifications. However, there are few other rivals that are ready to compete with the FF. These rivals include the Bentley Continental GT and the Maserati GranTurismo. These two are in close competition of Ferrari FF.

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