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Why should i buy Fiat Avventura?

By: Amaris on 2014-08-10

6 Answers:

Fiat is known for their brilliant engineering and Fiat products are developing day by day. The engineers working at Fiat are trting their level best to maximize performance and fuel economy. Fiat showcased Avventurra which seems to be tough competions to all time favorite Crossovers. FIat Avventurra is armed with 1.3-litre multijet engine where this engine makes sure that maximum power is being delivered from gearbox to wheels within no time . According to me this beautiful powerful car arrived in Indian market to dominate in crossover section, no dought Fiat avventura comes with some new styling trends and curves which definately attracts everyone especially youngenration as they always onssed with power and looks.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-10
Hi Amris, There isn't just one but a few reasons that answer your query. Fiat Avventura has all those virtues that you would expect from a crossover. For instance, it has got a long list of features inside the cabin e.g. nicely done ambient lighting, the dual-tone dashboard , rear ac. high-terrain gauges like the horizontal and vertical Inclinometers and compass, etc.. on the other hand, at the outside, Fiat has done a great job in terms of exterior styling - rear spare wheel looks funky, the black cladding at the side gives a feeling as if the Avventura is an SUV, and it has got 205mm of ground clearance...that means whatever Indian city you live in, Fiat Avventura will be able to make it up to your destination without your notice of the road bumps. It's extremely beautiful at the outside..and under the hood is a multiget diesel engine...and after @1500rpm, it feels no less than a rocket man. Mileage reported by people is 18kmpl on an in the area of fuel economy avventra fits well. Go for it!
Zunaid    2014-23-10

I own a Fiat Avventura Fire Dynamic and I can tell you that the car is totally worth it. Fiat Avventura provides excellent features at a very reasonable price. It has rear power windows; OVRM’s which can be adjusted electrically. The volume controls are speed sensitive. The appearance of the car is sporty and sturdy. The sporty rear spoiler has great adoms. There is also availability of a spare wheel on tail gate.

Shusheem    2015-20-06

Fiat Avventura is a trustworthy brand in India. The technology used in the car is updated. This brand provides great features and it priced reasonably which a common man in India can buy. Recently, I purchased Fiat Avventura Multi Jet Active and I am very happy with the smooth drive that the car provides me. The handling of the car and its ride quality is excellent. It is a fun car to ride!

Ahem    2015-22-06

I agree with the other given answers. I am a proud owner of Fiat Avventura Multi Jet Emotion. The power steering is of Hydraulic and the quality of the seats is good. The engine has the capacity of 1.3 liter diesel. The car requires minimal servicing as the engine is durable. I have realized that the car’s performance is smooth even on rough roads. Go for this car looking at the overall features.

Sahil    2015-24-06

While I completely agree with all the answers about the looks and the engine of Fiat Avventura, I would like to add that the car is also safe and secure.I own a Fiat Avventura Multi Jet Emotion. It has anti lock braking system with brake force distribution which is electronic. It has front airbag and crash sensors. Basic features like automatic locking of door and central door locking are also available. Go for this car, it’s the best in this price range!

Shiv    2015-26-06

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