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Which is best diesel or petrol for Fiat Avventura

By: Gulshan on 2014-09-07

3 Answers:

It would not be fair deal if i satright forword pointout that this motor is best. We all know that every thing comes with its own cons and prons so if you go for Diesel motor than you will definately miss Petrol mill and if you go for Petrol Mill than definately you will mill Diesel motor as Fait engineers perfrctly installed motors in such a way that uou hardly feel diffrence while driving so now tis upto your selection whic will you choose. THe buyer should keep in mind that you doesnot need to be a mthematition to calculate and get desired figures which should clear your mind that wheter you go for diesel or for petrol both are same.

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-07

Fiat Avventura is available in both petrol and diesel engine choices. While the petrol models offers a mileage of 14.4kmpl, the diesel version offers 21kmpl of mileage. The diesel version of the car is more popular as it offers more grunt and torque and higher efficiency. For people who travel more, diesel engine is much suited than those whose drive is limited to the city only. 

ajit    2014-12-09

Fiat Avventura comes in both dies and petrol but It is never ending contradiction to this question because some finds diesel is perfect and some says petrol is perfect, but when I check my fact and figures I find that both motors cost the same i.e. petrol more is own maintenance and high on running while diesel motor is low on running and high on maintenance which means you cannot choose car on the basis of running and maintenance coast. According to me petrol motor is perfect because this motor is smooth on ever mode and silent engine while diesel is noise and heavy on cranking.

Babita    2014-07-11

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