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Is maintance and running is cost high for Fiat Avventurra?

By: Meera on 2014-03-08

4 Answers:

Fiat is know of producing heavily and strong build cars and they are also engine maufactures for many all time king companies so they know well where to place every part and every inch of engine, so when they launch a product buyer should keep in mind that they only launch products only after reseaches and testings, which are also done on Fiat Avventurra and finnaly comes out to be a great succes by providing unmatched fuel economy figures and Fiat also introduced 3 years of warranty which will become very usefull and handy. According to me this car comes with 2 unique qualities i.e. low running and maintance cost.

Sonal Gupta    2014-03-08

Fiat Avventura is built on the platform of famous hatchback from Fiat which is Fiat Punto and this hatchback has already gained good response in Indian market because of low running and maintenance cost. This shows that Fiat Avventura also comes with promise of low running and maintenance cost and if you strictly follow the every step mentioned in the maintenance chart which comes in the manual or the user guide then you will experience better driving pleasure and newness character last for long.

Ronak    2014-20-11

Fiat is a very efficient and its efficiency can be seen in the maintenance level as it is built on a robust platform, which allows it to perform extremely well in all kinds of conditions. Its engine goes through a buncsdh of tests and then it is equipped in this crossover. The chassis of the car has dynamic structure and the car becomes stable on any road condition and this never let it get any hazardous effect on the built. However, on servicing and parts you may spend some more bucks on it.

Anil    2014-16-12

Fiat is the master in producing strong build cars that are heavy on quality. Each of the Fiats creation is passed down only after clearing tests. It makes strong engines for the other kings in the auto of the auto world, therefore one should keep in mind that fuel economy it provides with such a powerful machine, which has low running and maintenance cost.

Ramandeep    2015-17-06

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