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What are the features of exteriors of Fiat Avventura?

By: Banekhan on 2014-08-12

3 Answers:

Fiat Avventura is the new stunning car which is adding to the company's style profile. Basically this car is small car wearing clothes of a big cars suits in order to create their new presence on road. There are already many crossovers in market but Fiat Avventura is way far better in looking then all of them because like others the plastic cladding looks great on Fiat Avventura then heavy looking bags on Toyota Etios Cross. Fiat Avventura has been derived from Fiat Punto Evo which is already a well famous car in market. Fiat installed spare wheel at the back of the Fiat Avventura which looks great and give Fiat Avventura a slight looks of classic Sports utility vehicle like Mahindra Thar but when we have to reach the boot first we have to move the wheel side then when have to follows tradition hatchback upwards opening of tail gate which sometime becomes annoying. Fiat Avventura comes in many variant colors which are smartly selected. Overall Fiat Avventura is a good looking Crossover.

All About Fiat Avventura

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-12

Fiat Avventura is the pure bread of crossover in Indian car market. Fiat has effectively used plastic cladding all around the body in such a way that beauty of car does not get affected but this helps in scratch resistance. When it come to the tail gate of Fiat Avventura the gigantic size spare wheel gives muscular look but this wheel could become problem for parking but this design helps in increasing boot space. Overall Fiat Avventura is amazing cross over to drive.

Nakusha    2014-31-12

The Fiat Avventura is the cross model of the Fiat Punto EVO. The car has been designed to make it look like a toned down SUV.As compared to the standard Punto EVO, the company has modifications in its suspension. The types are made up of high-profile rubber which gives you fabulous driving experience. one of the most prominent features is the mounted spare wheel at the back which gives it an SUV touch. the front bumper of the car has been completely modified with the brushed aluminium touch and some rugged features.

Pankaj    2015-09-04

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