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Why avventura is not seeing much on road??

By: Jyothish suresh on 15 february 2015

7 Answers:

Fiat Aventura is availale in showroooms from past few weeks or so. Hence there is comparatively lesser number of cars sold. You can expect good lot of Aventura on road in coming months. A slow but steady pick up in sales is expected.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-17

All though crossovers have hits Indian market last year but still they are not that much famous because these crossover have somehow gained name that they have to carry extra burden of cladding which leads to low fuel economy but everyone should clear their mind that crossover have better refined engine which is capable of carrying these cladding and still mages to show good fuel economy numbers, Overall if you are planning to buy a new car then you should go Fiat Avventura because this car will not let you down.

Ravinder   2015-03-13

Avventura is available in the showrooms for past few weeks but hasn't got sold much, as being a crossover to be new in its category. But the fuel efficiency it provides alongside being a crossover vehicle is a wonder. It has a better refined engine which is capable of carrying such power and still manages to show good fuel economy.

Pradeep   2015-06-15

I don’t known in which city you are living in, might be the vehicle is not popular in your city. But here in Jaipur I have seen good number of Fiat Avventura on the roads. The vehicle is very good and it is equipped with very high performing engine. Though, it is getting very tough competition by Hyundai i20 Active but if we compare the power and performance Fiat Avventura is much better.

Jassi   2015-07-18

Might be the dreadful past of Fiat Padmini sedan, people had started facing difficulty for its service after the exit of Fiat from India around two decade ago. Even just couple of years before the sales and service of Fiat cars was not that good. Though, Tata has provided them their showrooms and service centers but still its service was not that good.

Naya   2015-07-20

I agree, the bad service of Fiat cars has made a very bad impact on its brand name. Fiat is a very good and one of the very old car maker across the Globe but unfortunately in India they couldn’t make their presence strong. Though, company has started opening their own service centers and dealership centers across India and now they will provide its service on their own to make their customer experiences better.

Udyat   2015-07-22

The launch of Hyundai i20 Active has also affected the sales of Fiat Avventura very badly. Hyundai is trusted brand in India, and despite lacking in terms of feature and engine performance it is getting very good response in the Indian auto market.

Zaan   2015-07-24

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